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Readers Respond: What Sleep Behaviors Have You Witnessed or Experienced?

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Updated August 13, 2010

There are many potential causes to abnormal sleep behaviors, ranging from common parasomnias such as sleepwalking or sleep talking to strange behaviors such as sleep eating or sleep sex. The enactment of dreams in REM behavior disorder and the childhood episodes of sleep terrors may also lead to activities while asleep. Describe some of the strangest sleep behaviors that have been part of your life, either experienced by you or witnessed in someone you know.

Scary Night Travels

In the past eight years I have started to talk, get out of bed, jump out of bed, go to the door to open it, and have injured myself numerous times, this is a very scary situation. Wondering if there is an alarm that I can wear to wake up before I seriously hurt myself or someone else?
—Guest Gretchen

sleep paralysis and horror

I'm having increasingly frequent episodes of being unable to wake fully.Can't speak or move.I have an awareness of a malevolent presence.Last night was the most horrifying experience.I slept on sofa at my daughter's,had just nodded off.Suddenly the sofa took off at an impossibly fast speed.I felt the g-force on my body,something was pushing me.I felt it behind me.I was trying to move,wake,call for help.It did it 3 times.I fought to break free.Finally managed a grunt,saying help with mouth closed.I fear going to sleep.I've had similar,with the paralysis&evil presence,never with the moving.I'm afraid to close my eyes.
—Guest margarite

Everything on the floor

Most mornings, I wake up with all of my bed covers, pillows, and the rest on the floor. On rare occasions, I wake up with my blanket actually on. I don't bother keeping pillow cases anymore as I must be removing them from my pillows in my sleep and then tossing the pillows off another side. I wake up cold and uncomfortable sometimes. No reason why as I rarely dream.
—Guest Sarah

scared toddler

18 month old wakens every night at the same time; crying, rapid heart rate; and terrified
—Guest tina


Sometimes when I wake up in the night my husband is stroking the underside of his left arm w/his right hand...like a strumming/soothe yourself sort of motion. He holds his arms up over his head while he's doing it. Sometimes I'll catch him stroking his face real lightly that way (like across the temples to down the bridge of nose). When it wakes me, I'll look over at him trying to figure out what he's doing (I'm quite nearsighted so I have to really strain to see what in the heck is all this movement going on around me?, then suddenly he willl sense me watching or something, and throw his arms back down by his side or rollover, the like. He seems pretty unconscious when it's happening, but it is a real fascination trip to watch! What does it mean? Does he need therapy? Or, is it really okay, he's just self-soothing or something?
—Guest Lisa

Nightmares and Insomnia

My husband takes a long time to fall asleep every night, he usually nods off in the wee hours of the morning. Around 3 am and on he jerks around his whole body, and mutters, sometimes I get a good thump on the head, which will wake him up with appologies. He does take an anti-anxiety medication, an antidepressant, as well as asthma inhaler
—Guest LEANNEI76

talking in sleep

I talk in my sleep and am always telling my boyfriend that i don't want him to touch me and that i am gonna leave him
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