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Readers Respond: What Sleep Behaviors Have You Witnessed or Experienced?

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Updated August 13, 2010

There are many potential causes to abnormal sleep behaviors, ranging from common parasomnias such as sleepwalking or sleep talking to strange behaviors such as sleep eating or sleep sex. The enactment of dreams in REM behavior disorder and the childhood episodes of sleep terrors may also lead to activities while asleep. Describe some of the strangest sleep behaviors that have been part of your life, either experienced by you or witnessed in someone you know. Describe Sleep Behaviors

Weird Patterns

My boyfriend has very odd sleep patterns that have seemed to escalate throughout the years to the point where I am sometimes afraid to go to bed with him. Once asleep he strokes his face up and down in a pattern until he awakes me and I then wake him but he will always go back to doing them once asleep. I watch him put an arm up over his face and stroke his arm or extend the other up in the air. He also puts his legs up frequently and lately has been making noises to the point where he wakes me up talking to me and asking questions. When I then wake him he always has no idea what he's doing. Is this normal? It's hard for me to sleep comfortably next to him and not be afraid of what might happen. Many times I awake him and he seems annoyed and goes right back to doing the same thing and never remembers. What should we do?
—Guest Mulls

strange behavior

My husband does not sleep well, he is usually up by 4am or so. At night time he is in a "zone" he tries to stay awake but he looks like he is spaced out and his eyes change. It is scary. He then falls asleep on the couch, sometimes talking and thrashing. Today he was sitting in church and he couldn't stay awake, his eyes looked heavy, he got disoriented, he couldn't keep up or find the right book. He even closed his book numerous times like we were done and he looked confused. I am seeing thismore and more and I am now a night widow. At night he sleeps while I was movies etc. He cannot drink or it gets a lot worse, he slurs on a beer or two. I am embarrassed to go anywhere at night with him because I do not know what to expect. If he has a beer it is embarrassing and if he is too tired he gets in that strange zone as early as 7pm. I am now afraid of the whole disoriented thing when he drives etc. Not sure what to do. He is 47 years old and a non-smoker, rarely drinks and we eat healthy
—Guest Lori

crazy nights

I have had a few enactments of dreams. Once I was covered in scorpions and stood up in my bed screaming for help and screaming "get them off me" all while I was hitting myself trying to kill them....it seemed very real. Another time it was spiders...woke up the entire family. I am sure more has happened but I usually do not remember.
—Guest sunny

Also Sleep soothing Like LH

A lover of mine noticed one night that I was laying dead asleep on my back, one arm raised and the other arms was soothingly stroking the raised arm. Ive caught myself with my arm raised in the middle of the night a few times since.. I dont know how long I have been doing this... 3 nights ago though I woke up to what felt like my arm being grabbed by the hand and first tugged hard up away from me and then shoved down hard so that my elbow hit the night stand and my wrist and arm at the elbow were kinked in a "Z" .. I woke up because it hit HARD and HURT.. the past 3 days Ive had bad, sore, aching pain all in my arm. I now worry its not me doing this to me.
—Guest Tedems

Rocking to sleep

I rock myself to sleep every night. Why do I do this? What is it called? Is it common?
—Guest Leavi

scared to sleep

I have been having really bad nights of sleep I see things that arent there i scream but dont think anythings coming out I have thrown myself out of my bed Ive hit my husband and have times of feeling like something evil is after me I hardly sleep now untill 3 or 4 in the morning any help out there

Strange Positions

I have small episodes where I am incredibly tired but too scared to sleep. My first episode occcured when I was nine and had extreme arachnaphobia. I had to sleeo on top of the duvet in full pyjamas with lights on and I couldn't sleep lying down, I had to sit upright and crossed-legged. I haven't had another episode until now, I'm sixteen and having one right now. It's 2:48am. I found a bug in my bed and now I can't sleep. Anyone else experienced something like this because it's horrible.
—Guest titch

frequent violent nightmares

taking aricept, melatonin, valerian and benadryl for chronic insomnia
—Guest sylvia


Recently I've been taking pictures of random things while sleeping. Last night I took a picture of my eye.
—Guest Tara C

Leg crossing

My husband recently started picking his nose to the point of small bleeds and bending his legs at the knee then crossing his legs all while sleeping. No meds. at all no big life changes. Should I worry or consult a Dr.?
—Guest Jenny3


If I awaken and then go back to sleep, I often have weird dreams and on wakening again I see what appears to be figures or animals by my bed that aren't there.As my head clears, they disappear. I have repeatedly seen a lady dressed in old fashioned grey coloured clothes, Cats sleeping on my bed, The door seeming to open slightly, Nothing threatening, but quite disconcerting. I am 67 years old, and have not had this problem until after I had surgery on my back several years ago. It isn't every day, but I would say about twice a week. It always seems to happen if I have woken up and then went back to sleep for a short time. Dreams during that time are often rediculous and disjointed.
—Guest Myrna


I was a sleepwalker and sleeptalker as a child (as were my were my siblings.) I also had leg cramps that would wake me. As an adult I continued to talk in my sleep and have experienced sleep paralysis as well as being diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome, and depression. I've been taking sleep meds for insomnia for a couple of years. I began to sleepwalk again. I have also started leaving my second-story bedroom, going downstairs, fixing and eating food, conversing with others, watching tv, videos, etc. and having NO MEMORY of it the next morning! It's so embarassing and scary to me, but hysterically funny to witnesses! I'm even more concerned after reading up on the subject. Now I worry about driving my Suburban to Walmart dressed in my nightgown or saying something inappropriate to someone...or both! Think I'll try a different sleep med...hope that takes care of it.
—Guest LoriP

Weird Sleep Behaviours

As I am reading a text in a non-familiar script I am aware that I am dreaming but surprisingly I concentrate on the meaning of the words I read and I see them clearly; some of them have meanings, but others are senseless at least to my understanding. Next! I am sitting in my bead and have this fanatic wish to move a small ball made of glass with my vision. It's obvious that I am aware that I am dreaming but my desire is so stronger than my wish to stop because it causes a lot of strain. It feels as if some other entity within me desperately wishes to move the ball with my eyes as a sort of telekinesis!
—Guest Riat Ramadani

scared toddler

18 month old wakens every night at the same time; crying, rapid heart rate; and terrified
—Guest tina


Sometimes when I wake up in the night my husband is stroking the underside of his left arm w/his right hand...like a strumming/soothe yourself sort of motion. He holds his arms up over his head while he's doing it. Sometimes I'll catch him stroking his face real lightly that way (like across the temples to down the bridge of nose). When it wakes me, I'll look over at him trying to figure out what he's doing (I'm quite nearsighted so I have to really strain to see what in the heck is all this movement going on around me?, then suddenly he willl sense me watching or something, and throw his arms back down by his side or rollover, the like. He seems pretty unconscious when it's happening, but it is a real fascination trip to watch! What does it mean? Does he need therapy? Or, is it really okay, he's just self-soothing or something?
—Guest Lisa

Nightmares and Insomnia

My husband takes a long time to fall asleep every night, he usually nods off in the wee hours of the morning. Around 3 am and on he jerks around his whole body, and mutters, sometimes I get a good thump on the head, which will wake him up with appologies. He does take an anti-anxiety medication, an antidepressant, as well as asthma inhaler
—Guest LEANNEI76

talking in sleep

I talk in my sleep and am always telling my boyfriend that i don't want him to touch me and that i am gonna leave him

Describe Sleep Behaviors

What Sleep Behaviors Have You Witnessed or Experienced?

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