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Using Light to Treat Sleep Disorders

Light box therapy can treat circadian rhythm disorders and winter depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Learn about the most effective phototherapy options.

Light Box Therapy Options
Sleep Spotlight10

30 Days to Better Sleep: Don't Try to Sleep, Change the Focus to Rest

Learn how changing the focus from sleep to rest can remove unhelpful anxiety and effort and ease difficulty falling asleep that occurs with insomnia.

30 Days to Better Sleep: For a Racing Mind, Make a List

Learn how writing out a list of your stresses with a plan can reduce a racing mind at night and improve insomnia. Discover how to let your stress go.

30 Days to Better Sleep: Manage Your Stress with Relaxing Activities

Learn simple ways to reduce stress and anxiety with relaxing activities before bedtime that can improve sleep and reduce insomnia.

30 Days to Better Sleep: Avoid Heartburn at Night

Discover simple ways to avoid heartburn at night and the roles of spicy foods, late meals, and - surprisingly - even sleep apnea.

30 Days to Better Sleep: Get Exercise at the Right Time

How might a late exercise workout contribute to insomnia? Learn how the timing of exercise may affect sleep and whether it should be kept to mornings.

30 Days to Better Sleep: Create a Relaxing Buffer Zone with Sleep Rituals

Learn how observing a buffer zone and unwinding before bedtime with relaxing sleep rituals like reading, music, or stretching may improve insomnia.

30 Days to Better Sleep: Sleep at the Right Time for You

When is the right time to sleep? Learn how your circadian rhythm may cause insomnia or further affect your ability to sleep well.

30 Days to Better Sleep: Lock the Pets Out of the Bedroom

If you have insomnia, you may want to consider how locking cats, dogs, or other pets out of the bedroom may help you to sleep better.

30 Days to Better Sleep: Remove the Electronics from the Bedroom

Learn ways to make your bedroom a sanctuary for sleep by removing electronics, including televisions, cell phones, and computers.

Why You Don't Need Those Sleeping Pills

Learn why you don't need to use sleeping pills to treat insomnia. Consider some of the possible risks and alternatives such as behavioral changes.

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