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Readers Respond: Discover How Others May Experience the Phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis

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Updated August 27, 2009

Response to environmental stress?

My sleep paralysis experiences usually begin following a regular dream. In the last few years of my life I have been able to accept myself for who I am as someone who is gay. My school community, as well as my home life, aren't particularly... well, let's say 'fond' of homosexuality. So it's a stress, to say the least. There is another boy in my school who is gay, and has talked to me specifically about it - trouble is, he doesn't really know he is. He just knows I am, and is confused. Anyhoo, I've been having trouble sleeping in general lately, so when I do dream, it's either a lucid dream, or a very, very vivid one. Karsten, the boy who is gay (probably) appears in my dreams a lot, and they are often about the two of us in natural settings such as by the lake, or in the forest, just talking about sexuality. The paralysis starts, when my entire dream crumbles to dust around me, and I suddenly wake up - mentally. My body is still out, and I feel like I am repeatedly punched by somethin
—Guest Drew

If not that I had bad dreams

I had my first experience with sleep paralysis a little over a year ago, and for about 9 months the phenomenon was few and far-between. However, since last Nov., I've frequently had night terrors accompanied by shortness of breath, feelings of panic and the inability to move my body for several minutes. I've been exploring the possibility that these occurrences are evidence of a switch of state in bipolar disorder, but I've yet to get a concrete diagnosis from my psychiatrist. To give you an idea of what I'm experiencing, I'll often have a very detailed nightmare (wherein I can identify colors, smells, and other specific sensations) that takes place in my bedroom, in which my roommate murders me and I don't fully "wake up" after because I can still see her in the room while I'm paralyzed even if she isn't "really" there. This normally preempts a switch from a depression into a manic or mixed state lasting a few days. Has anyone out there with bipolar had similar experiences?
—Guest KD

Idk what to think...

I was still awake I felt. But dosing off. I felt my boyfriend come lay down in bed like bed was sinking and rubed my toe on his leg and looked over but he wasn't there. Thought it was a dream then minutes later can't move and feet floating. Like my body's trying to float but somethings holding my torso I panic and have tingles and keep my eyes closed cause I'm so scared not cold. It goes but then soon comes again. Still can't move but bed sinks on the right of me like my cat jumped up and walked across the bed to the left of me but she was not there. I tried to scream but whimper instead and shortly it stops tingling cold stiffness all gone. At an instance. Someone please contact me with help. I'm very spiritual but have no religion I need guidance. Scariest most real terrifying experience and everyone thinks I'm lying. Please help. Syleenandestyni@live.com
—Guest syleena

Am i a Patient or What

before this i had a dream but i don't think i need to explain it. i opened my eyes and i not sure what i saw but its a big circle light first it looks like the moon on my dreams but slowly it looks like a light in the surgery room then i can't breathe so i struggled trying to wake up then i tried to open my eyes again i saw a man not sure if witch or goblin i'm sure it's a male and his smile was grin the nose is like a witch it has grayish skin with a lots of line wrinkles the lines were horizontal and he was wearing a green outfit looks like the one where doctors wear during surgery and theres a thing on the left side he was holding not sure what it is but looks like a box then my chest felt like it's vibrating left to right so fast so i decided to wake up again i struggled but i heard a noise/left ear was like a spell same time sounded like my granda saying"ni ge(can't remember)ho ngang ah. translation:your..so hard. then i finally woke up. untill now i had goose bumbs
—Guest Osbert

My Experience with SP

I had a few instances of SP when I was still single (about 20 years ago) and living alone in my house. I would wake up in the middle of the night and feel that there was a "presence" in the room that was pure evil. I could feel it looking at me from above and in some cases I could see its bright red eyes in the middle of the complete darkness of the room (the room seemed to be darker than normal during these experiences). I would be unable to move or to scream, and at the same time I would feel a terror like I had never felt before or have felt ever since. I knew I was awake and the only thing I could do was to pray in my mind for some kind of heavenly protection against that evil entity. After I don't know how long I would feel like the "presence" had left, I would relax and fall asleep. This happened several times. Hasn't happened again, although a few weeks ago I felt like the beginning of the paralysis, but it went away.
—Guest Oscar

Realta non sogno,di astuzia..

da sveglio vedevo la mia stanza c'era mia sorella,vedevo anche lei..Non essendoci quella notte mia nipote "jennifer di 8 anni" dentro casa mia,mi viene dato uno schiaffo molto forte in faccia,senza vedere nessuno..Poi ad un certo punto viene correndo verso di me "jennifer mia nipote di 8 anni" eppure quella notte in casa non c'era era a casa sua "attenzione" gettandomi in sapone dei piatti in faccia subito dopo lo schiaffo ed un cuscino..Io accecato dal bruciore degli occhi con il cuore in gola,subito ho realizzato qualcosa di inspiegabile quanto per me paurossimo non potete immaginare quanto tremavo..Tolsi il cuscino ed essendoci nella mia stanza come ogni notte la luce accesa,non c'era nessuno,quando ad un certo punto incominciò dai piedi ad affossarsi come se stesse salendo qualcosa di invisibile..Avendo paura gridai:"Gesù mio salvami"mia sorella si sveglio ed io vedevo che lei mi guardava,dentro di me parlavo a Gesù ma mia sorella mi disse che sognavo ed che nel sogno parlavo Arama
—Guest Luca

not sleep paralysis

I've experienced sleep paralysis before. Sleeping on my back but can remember getting off the bed for a split second but on the bed again. Hearing a person in another room and trying to call out to them. Seeing a dresser move in front of my face. Eventually I screamed in my head and woke myself up grunting instead of screaming. Its not fun but would love to learn how to travel.
—Guest keithsgirl

Real or?

This has happened to me MANY times. The first time, i was asleep next to my husband. I woke up. I couldn't move, my skin felt hot, my blood very cold. I was terrified. I tried to scream, but no matter how hard I tried to scream, or move, I couldn't. It lasted what felt like forever, my fighting like crazy the whole time trying to move. Finally it ended. I saw nothing, did not dream. My thought is, maybe we really aren't alone in bed. I've had it happen other times. Sometimes I'd be dreaming, and I could feel it coming, and think okay, here we go again, and sure enough, the dream was over, and I couldn't move. I call it the "scary thing". I started to see dark shadows on my ceiling when it was over. just leaving. like a blob, circles, not like ppl. I found if I was calm, it went away sooner. but when I fight it, it's worse. It's very scary. Sometimes, I think, what if we aren't having "sleep problems". What if there really is some spirit in our room?
—Guest Becka

Hades to Higher

Last night I was having odd scary dreams, which I woke up from to see several standing strangers in my room staring at me with lifeless eyes. This has happened before, but this time it seemed more horrible and I tried to call out to a friend but could only whimper. Then, I started hearing footsteps like people climbing a staircase and more figures came into realization. At this point, I got the sense that one of them had grabbed me and was trying to pull me with them. I tried to struggle and yell but couldn't, but managed to start growling like an animal. Then the dragging stopped and I regained some composure. The footsteps seemed to start leaving my room and walking up past me on the staircase. Eventually, I could sit up and look out the window; there was a storm outside that put me back to sleep. This is the really strange part: after all that terrifying imagery and earlier nightmares, this time I had a wonderful dream of soaring along a sunshiny coast on my bike. Woke up refreshed.
—Guest Richard

First Time

I was sleeping in a guest bedroom at my dads house alone I went in there around 3am I laid on my back and meditated for 2 minutes then rolled on my side and fell asleep I didn't have a nightmare I woke up (@4:50) from a dream and I was on my side I rolled on my back expecting to fall back asleep when I realized an evil entity entered my body I couldn't move, my eyes were closed at this point I heard a train whistle and felt over 100 lbs pressing down on my body I could barely breathe my heart rate and blood pressure went through the roof I called out for god and I saw a white light the noise got louder and my head shot back there was so much pressure everywhere I was trying to move my neck when I called out for jesus and kept doing this repeatedly until I saw the cross I still couldn't move I couldn't speak either In my head I started to say the power of christ compels you over and over until I saw jesus on the cross then the pressure let up I came out of sp shaking and shivering.
—Guest Halen

Awful and Dreadful

It happened around a year ago when i came back from the bathroom at night and was just about to fall asleep on my back when the awful moment struck. at first i began to hear a slight buzzing noise, then my body started to tingle. as the noise got louder , the tingling turned into strong vibrations and i could not move. i felt as if something gruesome and evil stood upon me and was pulling some sort of energy out of me. and i felt the presence of shadows around me. i tried to talk but couldnt,felt as if my soul were coming out of my body. then it began to go away slowly. boy was i terrified like hell. i was too scared to go back to sleep . it happened like 4 times every week but it has been a year now and it hasnt been happening. im glad to know that im not alone. but it was the most horrifying feeling beyond words...
—Guest tala

Attack of the hand

This morning, around 2 a.m., I had the lovely experience of waking up with no control of my right arm. I believe I had a dream where a hand reached up through the gaps in my headboard, grabbing for my face. I woke up on my back with my left arm under the pillow and my right arm loosely grasping my face. I freaked out and jumped from my bed. Now my recollection gets odd; I am almost certain I grabbed my sheets up in a bundle and leapt from bed in a swift motion that I am sure would have required the cooperation of both hands. However, during the time that it took for me to vacate my bed, the mystery arm continued to reach for my face. I dropped the sheets, fled the room, and spent the rest of the night wide awake on the couch. Easily the most terrifying ordeal I've ever had.
—Guest Dan

Twilight Zone!

I've had this since I was a child. I'd wake up and see things walk out of my closet, etc. Many experiences. It got more frequent when I became a teen. I remember hearing metallic roars outside and running outside to investigate at 3am. Having hands hold my head down. Having a ghostly woman sitting on me (oddly lovingly). Another time having the grim reaper throw a dead infant at me with a woman's scream in the background. I have so many I've lost count. Anywho, the last one I had was an hour ago. A wolf stalked into my room, but when it appeared on my bed it turned into a mini horse and it was going to do naughty things to me lol.. it wasn't scary but definitely disturbing! I got on here to read about others' experiences and laugh to not feel so bad about having SP.
—Guest Rick

First time experience!

I'm pretty sure I just experienced this early this morning. I woke up to hear someone yelling, banging and knocking at the front door...naturally I was panicked!! After about a minute it stopped, I got up and went to my room mates room and asked if they heard the knocking? His response was that he hasn't heard a thing...also our cat was chilling in the hallway and is usually a scardey cat at loud noises. So started researching this and it makes sense. I hadnt had much sleep last night so I'm hoping that is the reason why it happened;
—Guest Nic

sleep palysis terror

Has happened at least 2 times that i can remember. maybe more . 1st time in bed at night was asleep , awoke to find i couldn't move a muscle no matter how hard i tried , there was also a creature of some sort sitting on the end of the bed which rolled up into a ball and vanished then i could move. 2nd time was years apart. I was asleep in bed and awoke to find i could not move , i felt as if something was coming , i did not want it to come, i tried to call out, my voice was very limited only just made a sound , that was not understandable . My wife heard the sound and entered the room, then i could move.
—Guest ray

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