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Readers Respond: Discover How Others May Experience the Phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis

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Updated August 27, 2009

Twilight Zone!

I've had this since I was a child. I'd wake up and see things walk out of my closet, etc. Many experiences. It got more frequent when I became a teen. I remember hearing metallic roars outside and running outside to investigate at 3am. Having hands hold my head down. Having a ghostly woman sitting on me (oddly lovingly). Another time having the grim reaper throw a dead infant at me with a woman's scream in the background. I have so many I've lost count. Anywho, the last one I had was an hour ago. A wolf stalked into my room, but when it appeared on my bed it turned into a mini horse and it was going to do naughty things to me lol.. it wasn't scary but definitely disturbing! I got on here to read about others' experiences and laugh to not feel so bad about having SP.
—Guest Rick

First time experience!

I'm pretty sure I just experienced this early this morning. I woke up to hear someone yelling, banging and knocking at the front door...naturally I was panicked!! After about a minute it stopped, I got up and went to my room mates room and asked if they heard the knocking? His response was that he hasn't heard a thing...also our cat was chilling in the hallway and is usually a scardey cat at loud noises. So started researching this and it makes sense. I hadnt had much sleep last night so I'm hoping that is the reason why it happened;
—Guest Nic

sleep palysis terror

Has happened at least 2 times that i can remember. maybe more . 1st time in bed at night was asleep , awoke to find i couldn't move a muscle no matter how hard i tried , there was also a creature of some sort sitting on the end of the bed which rolled up into a ball and vanished then i could move. 2nd time was years apart. I was asleep in bed and awoke to find i could not move , i felt as if something was coming , i did not want it to come, i tried to call out, my voice was very limited only just made a sound , that was not understandable . My wife heard the sound and entered the room, then i could move.
—Guest ray

SP or ghostly spirit?

I had a similar episode last night. It was strange and frightening at the time it was happening. I just turned off the tv and climb into bed. After only a few minutes I heard my daughter locking the front door before coming to my room to say good night. Few minutes after, I rolled over on my side and closed my eyes. Within minutes it felt like something or someone climbed into my bed behind me and put their arm on my waist and their hand holding my head to where I couldn't move. I tried to yell out but couldn't get any sound to come out. I tried to move and scream but I was frozen. I couldn't even open my eyes. Finally with all my strength I forcefully shook off that feeling that had me paralyses. Since I could hear my family talking in the other room I asked her if I actually was hearing their conversation or just hearing things and she said I wasn't hearing things. I had this happen inly once before...10 years ago and I would be happy if it never happens again.
—Guest diane

SP is real

I have had SP happen to me starting when i was 25 years old. ALL PRAISES TO YAHEW, MY SAVIOUR WHO HELPED ME OVERCOME THESE INCIDENTS. It would happen at any time of the day, but mostly when i was stress or sad. I remember waking up to loud foot steps in my room, whatever it was, it was looking for me, because i was in the livingroom on the sofa. The foot steps proceded out of the room to the livingroom, they got closer, then approached me, and no lie i never felt such a cold breeze in my life, then out of no where my body started to get stiffening, i being saying out loud i rebuke you in the name of Yahew over and over, i was then able to move again. All this happen when i woke up and i know because my boyfriend told me to shut up, cause he was play Black OPTs.
—Guest vivid T

First time

Differently from other people my SP started with a very happy dream. At first i was seeing myself making a magic potion, and wen i drank the potion i turned into a dog, but this time i wasn't seeing myself but it was really me in the dream. I started running and i was felling an unbelievable sense of freedom and i realized i was having a lucid dream, and just like that i started flying, but the moment my feet left the floor i was thrown back inside my real body. And the scary part begun, i kept my eyes closed because i didn't want to hallucinate. I was listening to very weird underwater noise and the room was violently shaking, i was being smashed against the bed by some sort of creature that was lying on top of me in the exact same position as me. It had several hand or at least it felt like because it was holding me to the bed by the wrists the feet and it was covering my mouth all at the same time. It stopped wen I tried to move my face muscles. When i woke up my mouth was numb.
—Guest Sally

My Experience

I'm 24 and have been experiencing this since I was13, always I have felt scared and a presence of evil spirit. I googled it yrs ago and realized I'm not alone and it simply means your brain is waking up before your body. This last time was the scariest bc when I looked straight into 'It's' face it looked kinda like the grim reaper w hood. I laid there whimpering unable to wake up or move, then I thought I woke up and seen my bf walk in I started telling him I had that freaky dream again, he was holding me and then we were going to make love. I tried to turn the lamp on but it wouldn't turn on, I picked up my phone and when he seen the light he said "agh agh agh" like it was hurting his eyes, so I told him to turn the light on and look into it bc I didnt believe it was really him, when he wouldn't do it I realized it wasn't really him.. So I said "we can be friends but I can't make love to you, you're a ghost" It showed me it's face and it looked like a huge alien head with a hood then
—Guest Elle

im scared.

22/4/12 i have fallen asleep about 2 in the morning, i think i got woken up by someone bagging on my door? parents didnt hear a thing and said i was dreaming the next day but i tried to open my eyes and i couldnt, i felt my body shaking, i tried to sake my head still nothing, i finally woke up and nothing was there im a 17 year old girl whos to scared to sleep on my own.
—Guest chantel

don't be afraid

I've tried it several times and I learnt that being afraid of SP increases the changes of scary experiences, last time I tried SP, my goal was to have sex in a lucid dream, I was so excited that I only thought about sex. And i had an awesome lucid dream. To make everything less scary, you shouldn't try SP at night, because when you wake up, it's dark. you should try it while taking a nap in the afternoon.
—Guest olaf

Not cool...

I have been having these dreams since I was very young. I always know when they are about to happen. A loud roaring rings through out my whole body and I start slipping into the terror. Evil is the only way to describe this kind of feeling. I cant move or speak and the whole time I'm frantic to get someones attention to help wake me up. Thats when it starts playing tricks and I think someone is coming to save me but then I wake up only to find im still in the dream and that just keeps repeating. DO NOT EAT SUGAR BEFORE BED! This is the only thing that helps me yet I still do it knowing ill have the dream! Good luck...I just had one btw and I'm scared to go back to bed! I'm 30 and scared of the dark!
—Guest Tiffany


I read about lucid dreaming and tried it out of sheer boredom this morning. The weirdest shit came about. I was thinking thoughts but this demonic fucking voice was speaking them and then came more of these voices, I couldn't tell where I was at first because I was staring up at the ceiling, then I noticed it was still my room so I tried going under my blanket which is what I normally do after a nightmare but I couldn't and so I had to lay there with this fucked up voices in my head and I had NO IDEA this was sleep paralysis, so I kept trying to think of happy things but the voices became really messed up to a point where they were just a bunch of moans and they became louder, then came a sensation when I was a little kid it was like fucking nostalgia and I breathed really fast because something was crushing me, I always pictured this "force" as a massive boulder, just like rolling onto me but I never saw it, just felt it. MAN THIS IS FUCKED UP.
—Guest Shez

i know how to controll it, im good at it

when i was 15 years old, had my first SP,it almost scared the shit out of me, at first when i was about to sleep, my mind felt like draining and my heart felt like really slow beating, and now im 18 years old it happen to me again had a nightmare too,in my SP nightmare i saw a demon hard to discribed it, it was starting coming to me but was'nt scared maybe lil scared but i looked away started to woke up and something touched my a**, and i turn my back fast tried to punch it fastest i can nobody was there, and i started going home to my other home i should say,and if you want to know how to controll it, "wiggle your fingers and feet" and when your about to sleep, you should feel your mind first, if it feels like draining don't sleep yet "relax your mind and heart" take a deep beath and have good feeling nature, that helped me, and it's a little scary to me so maybe that's it don't be afriad of it controll your body,
—Guest holy roller 76

First Time

I knew about sleep paralysis prior to my experience. My stepdad one night couldn't move, and opened his eyes to see a demon-like creature hovering over his chest, crushing him. I did my research, and discovered SP. Tonight was MY first time. I was falling asleep, and suddenly felt uncomfortably hot, like the temperature in the room was kicked up. Then, I heard a ringing sort of sound. Planes had been flying over the house just a half hour before this, so it didn't alarm me as much as when I began to feel a force, like a heavy, thick blanket, pushing me into the bed. I tried to move my hand, to reach my TV remote, but I couldn't. I had to struggle to open my eyes, and was looking through a sort of swirling black vortex. I could only see a small circle of my ceiling. Everything went away, and then came back at least three times before I woke for good. I finally tried to call for my mama, and only managed a murmur. Knowing what was happening didn't make me feel any less panicked.
—Guest Sophie

God someone help me

I'm afraid of everything... Someone help me. It happened about three months ago when I was exahasted. I woke up and I felt like my feet were being forced staight into the air, it scared the shit out of me. Then the worst was this morning,,,, I could feel someone hitting my side but there was no one there.. God I'm scared but I know what it is..
—Guest Gone

I feel helpless.

I don't see images or people. I don't hear people talking. But when I'm sleeping, I'll wake up the start to hear a buzzing noise, my muscles at this point are getting sluggish and hard to move, then the buzzing noise is very loud, and my chest has risen, my arms and legs will not move, I try and try but feel helpless. All my muscles feel as if they are all have pins and needles and shake profusely. And if I struggle it gets worse. Sometimes when it is happening I think I yell for help, although I'm unsure if I in fact called for help, was my mind playing tricks on me??? I gasp for air when it happens, but I'm breathing fine? My voice does not work during this time. My eyes sometimes flicker. Then out of no where my body loosens up, and I'm free. This experience lasts from 30 seconds to 1 minute. I used to think i had problems with my spine or maybe I was going crazy... I'm 18 in June, from Victoria, Australia and this has only been going on for one and a half years I think. Cheers.
—Guest Brad

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