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Readers Respond: Discover How Others May Experience the Phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis

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Updated August 27, 2009

Hearing noises

I was home alone and I wake up from a nap only to find out that I can't move up off the couch. I begin to hear the sound of concrete scraping, like someone was outside. I try to get up again to check but I still can't move.
—Guest Kitty

sleep paralysis

Wow I thought I was crazy until til I just read this some of the same stuff has happened to me ever since around 13 years old I was always terrified to go to sleep I am 34 now and it doesn't happen so much it did I happen the other night though and I just woke up I can remember when I was 25 years old I was having the same experience and I actually saw the shadowy figured some had talked about I personally believe that it's is something evil cause I know what I saw and where I grew up they call it "the witch or devil is riding your back" I don't know but it scares the fuck out of me and I never want it to happen again
—Guest liz Truesdale

Don't let this stress you out!

I am 28 and I have experienced sleep paralysis since I was around 15. Usually my paralysis is very similar to those stated here, where I feel a numbness, and I shake, usually to awaken and move myself. I have had some scary versions where a grim reaper/demon is molesting me. Absolutely terrifying. I had read about this in my youth a while back and this relates to incubuses/succubuses as well. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incubus read the paragraph about scientific explanations. I've read, some people who have had these types of visions in their dreams have been blocking their airflow while they sleep. So it might be some sort of defense. I wouldn't let it worry you to the point of praying or stressing out about it. I used to be like that but now I know that these things are normal, even though they are scary when you wake up from them. I just thought I would put that out there for those of you who are having a hard time with it.
—Guest it_is_okay!


im asleep lying on my back I open my eyes and see my body but I'm still asleep I can't move and can't breath I try to move and finally when I feel like I'm seconds away of dying from not breathing I awake and can breath and move. What is this
—Guest warren

repeated phobia

i have had this problem also. the first time I was 12 it was not very fun i had seven in a row. i had the paralized, strangled, someone in the room trying to kill me, suddenly was unable to move and fell on the floor and strangled because of landingon the floor and being unable to open my mouth. i want to tell the people here to be careful i also use to have dreams that i was being thrown down a flight of stairs (or simular dreams) i felt like i was shaking but i thought i was dreaming i found out that i was having Seizure and i thought it was just my SP. so its not the case for everyone but you should still tell a doctor or someone because i had them for at least 5 years and found out something was wrong the not so great way. also it is important to get help before it gets really bad i did not and now i have a phobia of sleep.
—Guest brooke

5-6 days a week.

Im a 15 year old girl. I seem to get sleep paralysis almost everyday since few months ago.(I first had them at 13? but not everyday. just occasionally) Maybe from the lack of sleep, stress, or anxiety. The scary thing is, is that I see people's faces everywhere after waking up from it. Sometimes a women's face sometimes little girls. I don't sleep on my back.. just on my side or facing down. Yet I still get them. Because of them, I have trouble sleeping. sometimes my body jerks to one side without me trying to or I feel a heavy object on me, when clearly Theres nothing. In my opinion even though I get them almost everyday, I Will never get used to it.
—Guest Michelle


I have had sleep paralasis since I was 6. I didn't know a thing about it then but I always thought it was a gohst or some sort of evil. I had countless dealings with it night after night, which made me a scared child. I remember one where I was sitting in the hallway by the stairs and the sound of a hoover came on, everything was dark around me then I screamed for my Mom but no sound came out my mouth I screamed and screamed but nothing. I remember once I was flat on my back on the floor and I was unable to move amd everything around me was pitch black, some sort of presence was there and it wouldn't let me move my body at all. The only way I could get out of these things was to go into a sort of fit and shake my head from side to side franticly and unwillingly sometimes I did this until I could open my eyes and move again, and I would never ever know if I was shaking my head in my dream and real life or just my dream. I hate how I had it from such a young age , it has truely trau
—Guest Jas

absoultely terrifying

Ok this has happened to me every once in a great while, since i was maybe 18, only happening every few years. Now, me being 30 and the past 2 months since me and my girlfriend have been living together, its become way more frequent, happening once or twice a week. And each of these nights, theres been anywhere from 3 to 5 times. With tonight being an example, it just happened to me 3 times. I am (what feels like) coherent, and completely aware of where i am and my surroundings. I just start to fall into a light sleep and then i feel/hear it, the gradual deafening vibration/buzzing noise, and i know its coming. I automatically get scared as hell and attempt to scream as loud as i can with nothing coming out and im completely paralyzed. No matter how many times it happens, it never gets easier . It still scares the living hell out of me. Its becoming such an often occurrence that i cant really hide it any more. With me being a veteran i didnt want to tell my gf about it and her thinking
—Guest Joshua

sp love it!

I get sp all the time since I was a teen I'm now 42. I love it I play with it I have fun with it I know when it's going to happen cause I know y it's going to happen. I sometimes make it last for 30 min. Playing with it. Yes even after all this time it's still a little to get your self out of it but been doing it for so long I can.
—Guest Ralph


This happens to me a lot, I fall asleep but in the middle of my "Dream"' I get tickled in my side and it is sooo unpleasant it scares me to death literally! It happened to me the other night and I decided to do more research on it and it turned out that it was some sort of sleep paralysis!!
—Guest Mia

can't scream for help

I was asleep and a dreaming of a messed up nightmare I was in a car or walking by this school there were ppl on benches and I look upstairs and the doors fly open with this lady screaming & than I awoke and I could not scream for help I tried so hard to yell for Steve but was unable to move or anything I felt like I was under attack in the most fucked up way and now I can't sleep I felt like I was going to get up and walk put the front door
—Guest brendon

Sleep Paralysis

Another possible symptom to my Bipolar. Have had three episodes all while lying on stomach on waking very frightening but never associated it with Bipolar, but due to the sleep deprivation I suppose it makes sense. I hope I never have it happen again.
—Guest gogostopcrash


so this happened with me first time.it was about 9 in the morning and i just woke up .but i felt tired and went to sleep again.my feet were somewhat out of my bed..i had a dream about something cathing my feet and when i woke up i wasn't able to move my body nor speak anything....the more i tried to get out of it the more i felt someone was holing me ...after sometime seconds i got out of it d i felt verry terifies...it was a very scary experience...
—Guest garry


I was asleep at my friend's bed I didn't realize I feel asleep all of a sudden I felt something on top of me something was holding me down I couldn't yell or move after a struggle I wokeup scared asking my self what just happened :(
—Guest DaMa

Can you relate ?

I can relate to a lot of the stories I've read . but just about 15-20 minutes ago I've exp my sleep paralysis 2 times in a row . but it actually 1st started happening when I was 14 . ( I'm 15 ) I swear it's the most terrifying exp . I've gotten it mayb 30-35 times & yet every time it happens it frightens me . 1st I fall asleep on my by back , then before I can get into a deep sleep everything goes kinda quiet & then my eyes slightly open . ( this is when I know I'm about to experience sleep paralysis ) I have a very small window of time to try to hurry up & open my eyes completely & wake my body up . ( lately I've been failing at this ) but if I succeed I wake up then try to fall back asleep . then it happen again .... I can only wake up mayb 2 or 3 times ( if I'm VERY lucky ) but if I can't wake up i feel like a demon is sitting on my chest & I hear a staticy noise getting louder & louder pounding my head . ( the noise is like wah wah wah ) then the demon sometimes try's to speak.
—Guest James

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