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Readers Respond: Discover How Others May Experience the Phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis

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Updated August 27, 2009

Sleep Paralysis Is Spiritual Attack

My 1st episode with sp happened when I was 21 and still living with my parents. I was up late 1 nite watching tv when I heard scratching on the wall. This went on for a while so I got up to see what was making the noise. Nothing was there, so I went back to the couch, feeling uneasy, and fell asleep. I had a nightmare and it frightened me because I sensed that something wasn't right because the same scratching I heard b4 I went to sleep was now in my dream. Then I heard footsteps running around the coffee table. At this point my heart was racing and I couldn't move or scream! I was terrified! But while all this was happening, I could see my body lying on the couch, from the ceiling.(OBE) I could see everything in the room. The presence that was in the room felt evil. The best way to describe the fear is to imagine u r about to be murdered, then multiply that x 100. When the entity got to my body I felt it's hands around my neck choking me. I thought I was gonna die but my dad came in.
—Guest Bettina

scariest thing ever

I'm 17 but I've been battling sleep paralysis for a good 5 or 6 years already and I hate it. Anyway, I think the scariest time was when I was in my own bed, lying on my side facing my door. For some reason my bedroom door was open, but anyway. During the sleep paralysis my mom (well I thought it was her, I couldn't see her face) came into my room and grabbed my arm, pulling me and telling me we had to go right now in a very frightening manner. I desperately tried to wake up, but even in the SP state I couldn't move. I was trying to tell her go away, I can't move, but she turned to look at me and her face was so freaking creepy and she had this panicked and desperate look on her face. I finally was able to wake up and I cried bc it was so bad.
—Guest benc

Sleep paralysis

I was sleeping then suddenly i can't move and I was like shaking I tried my best to move I even scream but I can't then I feel like there's someone who is pushing my tummy and it hurts so much and then I see a man lying beside me I see him face to face then I already can move after that I can't sleep already Ive been with SP since grade 7.
—Guest Tara

sleep paralysis

i have experience it . i would lay down to sleep at night.i would nod off i wold hear chains dragging then a buzzing noise then it happen i could not move i would fight to move but could not i]would give in wait for it to get off me.it would happen often i would just wait night after night until it stop
—Guest mary

Sleep Paralysis

I have had one episode of sleep paralysis. It happened when I was vacationing in Hawaii. I woke up and could not move. It was rather alarming, but slowly after about 3-4 minutes (but it felt like a lifetime!) I was able to begin to move. This was one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me.
—Guest Kipawa

Another "Me"

One night a few years ago when I was settling into my new Georgia home,I started to experience very strange things. Things normal people wouldn't understand. At first I didn't understand either but now that I'm older,I do. As I slept,I felt as though someone was watching me. When I opened my eyes and looked down,I could see a dark figure crawl very fast across the floor and as I looked back up,I saw "myself" looking at myself. I couldn't speak,move or hear anything. Soon after from time to time,I began to see dark figures from the corner of my eye run across the room. Every since I moved out of the house I haven't seen any of the dark figures but the sleep paralysis is still there.
—Guest Kira

Can't distinguish one from the other

I've been having astral projection dreams all my life. Recently I've been experiencing Sleep Paralysis in many of my dreams. The first of which involved me waking up in the middle of the night and feeling an strange urge to open my bedroom door. Whenever I tried to ignore the urge it just got worse as I began to wake up within dreams one after the other (yes, just like the film Inception) finally I mustered up the courage to walk to my bedroom door and open it, that's when it happened. My entire body was paralyzed while standing. The room grew darker and colder. The formentioned "urge" grabbed hold of me and began pushing me forwards towards my balcony. I struggled with this exact same dream over and over until finally I surrendered to the entity in my dream. It guided me out of my bedroom, out on to my balcony on the second floor and then OVER the balcony. Scared shitless, I fought sleep for about two weeks after this occurred.
—Guest V

scared to go to sleep

I have been having similar experiances for years. I first hear a sound like paper ripping or someone walking on gravel,I then hear a loud pitch sound and am completley paralysed I do my best to move bunt can't i feel as though there is someone in the room, I tryto shout out but there is no sound then I try to pinch myself to come out of it but nothing happens. I then experiance I am being dragged back to sleep, I fight and fight to stay awake then everything is back to normal. I stay awake for as long as I can because I am terrified it will happen again. I hate ie
—Guest christine

while dreaming I could't wake up

Was having a dream I was in side the sheet in my bed next to my girl friend and I was trying to get out the sheet but could't I scream for help with my girl friend name she gave me hand and I woke up in side my dream then went back to sleep while in the dream and agian trying to wake up and could't scream her name this time I had a close guy friend of mine in between her and me but I continue calling her name and she gave me her hand agian then I woke up agian and this time I woke up out the dream felt my heart beat was fast and I ask her did she grab my hand while I was calling her name she said I never called her name thats when I realize that was all in dream I just would like to have an opinion on my scary dream as I will never forget this for rest of my life...and by the way guy I saw in the dream my close friend she does't like him so I don't know whats the message I had in the dream.?
—Guest frank

Sleep paralysis ? or demon

This happens to me Alot. I'm only 17 & it's been happening to me for atleast two years now. it actually happend to me 40 minutes ago. i called my mom crying cause of how scared i was One of the episodes was that i was sleeping on my back and i sudenly woke up i wanted to move but couldnt. i felt as if someone was pushing me down on my bed mostly on my stomach though. at this point i was trying to scream. out of nowhere something turn my head to the right, i swear i saw a demonic thing infront of me and it was roaring at me. when it all finished i got up & ran to my moms room. today's episdoe was: i came home from school really really tierd and i began falling asleep.. out of nowhere something grabbed my arms and sat me down and yelled at me NO ! i stood up & looked around. i started crying because i was afraid and whatever it was it didnt let me sleep i really wish alll of this would stop. it happens to me alot. the month of may it happend to me atleast 7 or 8 times.

Don't get scared

I have it a handful of times every year, first few times i was convinced it was supernatural and nasty, but then i faced my fear when it kept occuring i told the thing where to go (but not as polite) then i didn't have it for a while. Next time i have it it was gentle, and now sometimes its someone coming to check over me or sometimes its the gentle pawing of a cat, but just accepting it and recognising that its just a common scientifically researched phenomenon and not a supernatural one has made me not afraid and not dreading it, though i do prefer not to have it cos i'm usually left pretty fatigued afterwards.
—Guest Amanda

The future

pain in my ears...screeching metal...sound of static...can't move...helpless...evil pressence...dark figure with puple eyes...fear...says "don't be afraid of the dark"...a dream that never ends.
—Guest ??????????????

horrible feelings

Well I've had several experiences of SP, but the most horrible have happened in my teens years, ive lived with my grandmother and she holds a lot of grudges , and has a lot that she hasnt fogiven , and is like we had several negative prescences in our home, once it was about 8:00 am and i was watching televison trying my hardest not to fall asleep and i did once i realized i was asleep i was pissed cus i couldnt move and i knew it was happening again i was yelling and screaming for help and as i was doing that i frelt pressure on my chest and like someone was smothering me intentionally i could feel myself panicking in my sleep and then i gasped for air and i could swear i heard myself growl, and i then tried moving my arms and legs , but i couldnt then i called and said "jesus"! and i woke up but as i waking up my arm was slung across the carpet, i have never felt so much fear . this is real , and science cant cover it up . and i know exactly whats out there
—Guest jewel

I am 12 and this happend to me twice!

Last night i woke up and i couldn't move. Then i could move my head slightly and i saw the Figure wearing black clothes and a hood and it looked like it had a white face. It had two big eyes and a slit for a mouth. This is a very scary experience. I have to sleep to get away from the figure. But the figure i saw sat still
—Guest Donovan

i have them to

I was reply tired an I decided to go to bed so I when't up stirs and got in bed. I was so tired I instantly whent to sleep an I opened my eye's. I couldn't move any thing but my eyes I could see somebody standing by the wall out of the corner of my eye. I looked like my grandmother but I couldn't tell. I never talked about it until now thank you for your story's they relly helped.
—Guest richard

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Discover How Others May Experience the Phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis

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