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Readers Respond: Top Reasons Why You Can't Sleep

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Updated July 10, 2011

From the article: Why You Can't Sleep
If you have trouble falling asleep at night or if you wake up before morning, share your experiences. What are the reasons why you can't sleep? Is there a common cause that you have identified? From insomnia to restless legs to your sleep environment, there may be many things disrupting your ability to sleep. Share yours.

I experience all 3 kinds &= Memory loss

I have developed chronic insomnia at some time in my 30's or 40's (slept like a rock until then). I have difficulty falling asleep, wake up often during the night and having trouble going back to sleep, I wake up too early in the morning and feel tired upon waking. I also seem to have a strange brain chemistry that renders things like diphenhydramine and ambien useless. I have found one other of my friends at work that suffers from the same thing. I went to a sleep clinic and the idiot doctor recommended that I got to sleep when tired and wake up the same time every day (this is a great idea if you like to fall asleep at the wheel and die because I did try it and I did doze behind the wheel). There is no relief or cure but diazepam, temazepam & melatonin fix onset. I read that Tim Ferris experimented with his problems in 4-hour body but I am not a millionaire & it is very hard to hold down a job these days with this problem. Any ideas or anyone else experience this?
—Guest Jack London


Some nights, I get up every couple hours to urinate. I try to limit the amount of liquid, always water, that I drink in the evening. The temp is just right when I go to bed, but it gets warmer during the night and awakens me!


There are many forms and reasons for insomnia. On a personal level I suffer from depersonilzation and emotional detachment. I have been in 4 near fatal car accidents since I was 17. That being said, I'm 37 and fight with sleep on a daily basis. I can only say that sleep deprivation is a fight.. . .. A struggle.. It affects our lives in ways no one can know who hasn't experienced it themselves. There is no TRUE remedy and medications can definitely make matters worse. But on an encouraging note: Keep fighting. Keep your head up.. Those who read this; know your not alone. Take credit in your personal battle as only "We" know just how strong we can be.
—Guest Nealbo

middle insomnia/early awakening

I'm surprised that this article mentioned nothing about the role of hypoproteinemia or T3 Circadian Rhythm in this type of insomnia. People who have had digestive disorders like Celiac, Crohn's, IBS, etc. may encounter hypoproteinemia early; eventually, all aging people will encounter it. Lab ranges for total protein and T3/T4 are too broad to diagnose these conditions; they are easy to treat, so a short test treatment is certainly warranted to determine if either/both of these is a cause.
—Guest Ed Arnold


I am an ex smoker, now on e-cigarettes. With tobacco cigarettes, you can have a count of how many you smoke so you can keep a tab on it. With e-cigarettes, you can keep puffing without realising how many cigarettes equivalent you have had. I have noticed when when I inhale lots of nicotine, especially towards the evening, I have difficulty going to sleep and end up waking up earlier than my normal wake up time. If this happens for 3-4 days at a stretch, I consciously reduce my nicotine intake and then it get backs to normal.
—Guest DSG

Farting at night?? Uh, yeah!

I understand that our bodies are designed not to make a bowel movement while we are sleeping, but I swear I have farted, during a sleep cycle. However there's a catch. I need to have had consumed a lot of beer. I don't mean to sound graphic or gross, but it's true. Yet, I haven't had a drink, of any beer or alcoholic beverage since, April of 2010. Our tropical vacation in fl. When I was younger, I drank a lot of wine, and would crash at all of my friend's homes 2 get sleep. My friends would telll me that I sounded like a tooting duck all night long. But, I don't remember. I think I know why this may have happened, and only when I am drinking beer. The alcohol gives you a not so great night sleep. Tossing and turning, is not unusual, as is waking up, and being in a rather light sleep, so you really aren't getting the rest you need...


Why can't my boyfriend sleep? It's so bad that he has to go to the doctors for it and his eyes are always red
—Guest Emily

cannot sleep at night and don't know why

because of holidays i am used to sleeping after 1-2 am and now that im going back to skool i dnt know y i cnt get 2 sleep i'd hope som1 knew y???
—Guest t***S

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