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Readers Respond: Top Reasons Why You Can't Sleep

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Updated July 10, 2011

From the article: Why You Can't Sleep
If you have trouble falling asleep at night or if you wake up before morning, share your experiences. What are the reasons why you can't sleep? Is there a common cause that you have identified? From insomnia to restless legs to your sleep environment, there may be many things disrupting your ability to sleep. Share yours. Share Your Reason

Wife sneezes while asleep

Every time my wife falls asleep a while before me I hear her sneeze 3 times in a row (always 3 times) then she starts talking in her sleep, and it never wakes her up.
—Guest Miguel

Help me

I have had problems sleeping since i was 13 i am now 24, sometimes are better than others, i do not medicate this problem amd never have, i have learnt to deal with it over the years... Main problem: when i am disturbed i can not go back to sleep... My partner does not stop passing wind in the night sometimes the sound wakes me up but mostly always the scent of death awakens me every single night, i have tried speaking with him but he just finds it hillarious, i have resulted to letting him have the bed while i have the sofa, he moans that he wants me to sleep in bed with him... But honestly i would rather deep fat fry my face
—Guest Tilly tally

nothing works

Reading this article, I realized that I had symtoms for a few disorders. I tried ALL of the solutions but none of them work, this has been going on for a while now and I dont know what to do. :(
—Guest guest 2501

The TV and Sleeping

My husband and I are total opposites regarding the topic of having the TV on while we fall asleep and while sleeping. I get it. I understand there are many people who just can't sleep or go to sleep if their TV isn't on. I never slept with a TV on before we got married. So we compromise. We'll have the TV on to start with - to fall asleep with, but if it wakes me up, I can change it to a music channel which doesn't have a lot of flashing lights. That's the reason I don't like the TV on while I'm sleeping, or falling asleep. Even though my eyes are shut, I can still see the flashy lights from an ad, or other things on TV. It's annoying....

The Move

Ever since I moved, I've been having so much trouble staying asleep. I can fall asleep fine, but I wake up multiple times throughout the night. And now, the past few weeks I believe I've been having panic attacks. I wake up hyperventilating, scared for no reason. I jolt out of bed and just pace my upstairs. And then that spooks me so I jump back in bed and go back to sleep still terrified. Only hours later do I wake up and realize what happened.
—Guest Georgia


I have witnessed both of my children sneeze in their sleep. It just happened tonight with my five year old
—Guest sunshine

I'm 19 and can't sleep

So I have not been able to sleep all night until 7 am in the morning or around that time is that a sign that I need to go to the doctor, this has been happening or a week so far
—Guest Oscar

An Addendeum about sleep

After my last entry, which by the way I wrote while I was extremely fatigued and had lack of sleep. I thought I had every sleep disorder, from Hypersomnia, Sleep Paralysis, another form of Insomnia. What happened, was I got myself in a very bad habit of sleeping for up to 3 days straight, to staying up for up to 35 hours. I kept trying to make myself go to sleep and it wouldn't work. So I'd stay up. The later it got, the more awake I became! It was odd 4 sure. I also take a cocktail of medication for 2 debilitating disorders I have that require some medication. One of them makes me very tired but if I just came off of 30 hours of sleep, I would definitely be up and wide awake, regardless of meds. Finally, with the help of a therapist and my husband, I started to go to bed at night but waking up was hard to do, but I had to force myself. It's something I need to daily, literally force myself out of bed, and after a month (takes 30 days to make or break habit) I was back to sleeping.

I can sleep MOST of the time. here's why

I have a regime. I don't eat 2 hours before bedtime. When I go to bed, the what I take that helps me sleep are trazodone, l-tryptophan, melatonin, valerian, 5HTP, and I wear a sleep mask to block out all blue light. Sometimes I will read a book in low light to wait for the supplements to start working. They help me go to sleep, stay asleep, and go back to sleep if I get up when nature demands (grin). sometimes for fibromyalgiacs, it is best for us to take a warm bath with epsom salts and soak for about 15 to 30 minutes to kill the pain in our muscles and relax our muscles so we can sleep. I have a lot of illnesses that cause my chronic pain. So sleep is very essential.

Farting in sleep

My girlfriend swears blind I fart in my sleep. Sometimes my room does smell when I wake up :(
—Guest Mr farty pants

Could not fall asleep

I went to a sleep clinic for a test, but did not fall asleep the entire night! The technician said my body did not begin to 'slow down' until about 6:15 AM! She suggested that I stay out of bed for several hours, waiting until I am sleepy before going to bed... perhaps until 2 or 3 AM. Then go to bed, hopefully to sleep, and allow myself to sleep late in the morning. Do that for about a week until I begin to feel physically better. Then begin gradually moving my bedtime back to my desired bedtime of 11 PM. Currently, I'm going to bed at midnight. It seems to be working. I generally fall asleep shortly after going to bed. Although I awake 2 or 3 times during the night, I generally go back to sleep rather quickly and awake around 6 or 6:30. So I am getting much more sleep than I had been (some nights I was getting none at all!) and am feeling much better. I think my 'sleep clock' was disturbed while caring for my ill mother (I had to stay awake at night).
—Guest Margaret


hi, I usually sleep like a kid who'se gone swimming all day. But if I'm anxious or excited about something, then my mind refuses to 'shut up'. But, when I'm sad/depressed, then I can't stay awake to save my life. I just usually want to take a nap...but it usually lasts all day.
—Guest Sleepy Smurf

Sleep? What's that????!

Ever since I can remember I've had trouble sleeping. But, since contracting Fibromyalgia & Atrial Fibrillation along with my on-going anxiety, I've discovered a very strange occurance when I want to lie back & try to sleep. As soon as I lie on my side, (either side) my heart starts to skip beats &/or speed up. As soon as I sit or stand, I go back into a normal sinus rythm. Then, the anxiety begins to rule its ugly head once more. :( Has anyone else ever experienced this? It's been going on for several days. Thank you.


just cant fall asleep till the late hours and then tired the next day
—Guest ann bussart

you can sneez in your sleep

I have horrid seasonal (fall) allergies and I am woken up by sneezing all season it still scares the heck outta me every time and nothing my dr has had me try can make it go away!!!!
—Guest karhy

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Top Reasons Why You Can't Sleep

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