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What Are Skinit Decorations for CPAP?

Customizable Skins May Personalize the Device


Updated January 03, 2013

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If you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, it's inevitable that you will soon become familiar with a new companion: continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). This may initially be foreign, intrusive, and disagreeable. How can you make CPAP your own? Are there options to personalize and decorate the device?

How to Decorate CPAP

The basic CPAP or bilevel machine unit is often rather drab. Most major models from the manufacturers of ResMed, Respironics, and Fisher & Paykel come in a palette of gray or silver. Though they may blend in with other bedroom electronics like alarm clocks or radios, these devices may not really fit with your décor. How can you remedy this?

You might take it upon yourself to engage your creative spirit. A trip to the craft store, for example, may provide inspiration as well as supplies. You could sew a cozy cover out of scraps of fabric, stickers would liven things up, and glitter and trinkets can be applied to the exterior with a hot glue gun. It could be a fun project, but if you don't have the talent or time, you may want to pursue professional decorative alternatives.

Manufacturers of the device have recognized that there is growing demand for more attractive options. In particular, ResMed has taken the lead in providing customizable decorations. To reach out to women who use CPAP, there are devices designed "for her" that come in a trendy pink color. They also have an entire collection of thousands of decorations called "skins" that can be applied to the surface.

Using 'Skins' to Decorate Your CPAP

The easiest way to decorate your ResMed CPAP is through the application of a vinyl skin to the external surface of the device. These high quality skins are printed with the design of your choice, and are available from Canada. There is an extraordinary number of options, including:

  • NFL teams
  • NBA teams
  • MLS teams
  • NHL teams
  • Major league lacrosse teams
  • Surf
  • Golf
  • Art (Fine, Abstract, Tattoos, Paintings, Fantasy, Photography, Urban, Illustrations, Asian, Skull, Inspirational)
  • Humor
  • Colors and Patterns (Solids, Camouflage, Animal, Floral, Geometric, Paisley, Textiles, Stripes, Tie Dye)
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion Brands
  • Textures
  • Animals and Nature

In addition, there is a variety of options targeted towards children who use CPAP. You can also upload a personal photo and create your own skin.

One of the best parts of selecting a skin is that you are fully in charge of the design. After you identify your type of device, you can apply your choices, which can be re-sized. Once you're happy with your selection, you can purchase the skin for $44.99 (in Canadian dollars). (This expense would not be covered by health insurance.)

For those who wish to dispense with the plain appearance of their CPAP, there are options available that might be especially desirable for making the device more personal for children or teens. You can start by visiting your local craft store and getting creative. If so desired, there are also more professional design skins that can be purchased for the ResMed CPAP machines.


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