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General information about how to obtain a better night's sleep, including advice about: how to determine your sleep needs, how to set a bedtime routine, and 10 ways to improve your sleep tonight.

How to Sleep Better in 30 Days
If you are struggling with insomnia or other problems related to your sleep, you may be ready to make some serious changes to feel rested and function better through the day. It may be time for a comprehensive overhaul that follows a specific plan. Set aside the next 30 days to focus on how to sleep better. By following the recommendations and...

Help Me Sleep: Ways to Sleep Better Tonight
It seems like sleep should come naturally, but when it doesn't, you might quickly find yourself pleading, "Help me sleep!" What are reasons why you can't sleep? Are there tried and true ways to sleep better tonight? What should you do if you have tried everything and it just isn't working? Explore these issues and discover the help you need to...

Simple Tips to Improve Teen Sleeping
Teens are often subject to the same pressures as adults that can greatly disrupt their sleep, so it can be important to follow simple tips to improve teen sleeping.

The 10 Worst Things to Ruin Your Sleep
Though you may be hesitant to observe better sleep guidelines, perhaps understanding the 10 worst things that can ruin your sleep will prompt you to change your ways. Avoiding these poor choices may lead to better rest and, in turn, better health.

Determine Your Sleep Needs
It is sometimes difficult to judge just how much sleep your body needs to feel rested. This simple step-by-step process will guide you in how to determine your individual sleep needs.

Better Sleep - How Do You Sleep Better
At some point in their lives, for any number of reasons, nearly everyone will have difficulties sleeping. There are simple steps to take that will help you to sleep better tonight. How do you sleep better? What do you find particularly disruptive of your sleep?

Sleep Needs - Do You Get the Sleep You Need
It seems that most people don't get enough sleep, and sleep deprivation can have significant effects on your health. How much sleep do you need? Do you get that amount of sleep or less? What are your biggest reasons for not getting enough sleep?

When the Odd Couple Sleeps: Five Steps to Fix Nighttime Conflicts
It is an old adage that opposites attract, but if you and your bed partner don’t have sleep habits in common, this can be a big problem. Before sending someone to the couch, it may be possible to make a few simple adjustments.

Kids Bedtime Routine - Tips to Get Kids to Follow a Bedtime Routine
Kids Bedtime Routine - Tips to Get Kids to Follow a Bedtime Routine

Should I Use an Alarm Clock?
It may seem hard to believe, but your alarm clock actually promotes unhealthy sleep habits. Following good sleep hygiene and making a few simple changes to your schedule may make that rude awakening a thing of the past.

Do Happily Married Women Sleep Better?
Learn whether a happy marriage can help women to sleep better.

Should TV be banned from your bedroom?
Learn whether TV should be banned from your bedroom to improve your sleep.

Should pets share your bed?
Learn whether it is a good idea for pets to share your bed.

Top 10 Ways to Get a Better Night's Sleep Tonight
Learn 10 ways to get a better night's sleep tonight.

Top 10 Ways to Get a Better Night's Sleep Tonight
Learn 10 ways to get a better night's sleep tonight.

Sleep Hygiene Guidelines
Learn about the importance of sleep hygiene and guidelines that will improve your sleep from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

How Much Sleep Does a Teen Need?
The Nemours Foundation provides information about how much sleep teenagers should be getting.

CDC's Sleep and Sleep Disorders
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offers expertise on sleep and sleep disorders. This is an excellent resource for beginners.

NIH Sleep Disorders
Explore the fascinating world of sleep disorders on one of the best websites for information, provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

How Much Sleep Do I Need?
Learn about the eight-hour myth, how sleep needs vary from one person to the next and across a lifetime, what is meant by sleep debt, and how to easily determine your sleep needs.

Should You Let Your Teen Sleep In?
Teen Sleep In – Should You Let Your Teen Sleep In

Recurrent Nightmare Themes - What Themes Pervade Your Recurre…
We have all had bad dreams, but sometimes we have the same themes occurring over and over. What themes seem to pervade your recurrent nightmares? Whether it is dreaming of being chased, failing an exam, or being naked in public, many of the themes are common. Tell others about the nightmares you can't seem to avoid.

How Being in College Can Disrupt Sleep
It is an incredible liberating experience to finally leave home and start college, but there are many reasons that just being in college can disrupt your sleep. Whether it is the new flexibility of your schedule, the life in the dorms, a new circle of friends, or other new experiences, learn how your sleep may suffer.

The Importance of Your Sleep Environment
It may seem like a rather inconsequential thing, but you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of your sleep environment. It may be the one thing that helps you quickly transition to rest -- or the thing that keeps you tossing and turning all night.

What Sleep Rituals Should Be Part of Your Bedtime Routine?
The process of going to sleep is highly dependent upon behaviors, and disruptions may lead to difficulty falling asleep. So what sleep rituals should be part of your bedtime routine?

Favorite Bedtime Routine - What is Your Favorite Bedtime Routine
The transition to sleep can be eased by following a regular routine prior to going to bed. Most people do well by engaging in quiet activities...

How Do Children’s Sleep Needs Change in Childhood and Adolescence
If you are a parent, you may be quite interested in learning about how sleep needs may change throughout childhood and into adolescence. From the fragmented sleep of infancy to the waning of naps in children entering school to the transition to adult sleep in teens, sleep is a dynamic behavior that alters as we develop and mature. Discover how...

New Baby Sleep - How to Cope with a New Baby's Sleep Schedule
Share your wisdom of how you learned to cope with a new baby's sleep schedule. If you are a new parent you may need to learn quickly how to adapt...

The 10 Best Ways to Wake Up
If you find yourself struggling to get up in the morning, you may seek some advice on how best to wake up. Explore some options that might get your day off to a better start.

How Much Sleep - Share How Much Sleep You Need
Though it is often reported that we need eight hours of sleep each night, this may not be exactly true. This is an average, and some of us may need more sleep and others less. In fact, our sleep needs change through the years. How much sleep do you find works best for you?

Improve Poor Sleep Hygiene in Children
Children are sometimes subject to the same sleep disruptions as adults, and when it comes to poor sleep habits or sleep hygiene, something can be done about it. There can be serious consequences, so parents should take a close look at what may be disrupting their child’s sleep.

Teens Sleep In - Should Teens Be Allowed to Sleep In
Research suggests that teens may benefit from being allowed to sleep in and start their school days later. Some school districts are making changes to accommodate the teens' delayed sleep needs. Do you think this is right? How would this impact your family's life? If you are a parent, would it help your teen? What effects would it have on...

Sleep Apps - What Are Your Favorite Sleep Apps
There are thousands of applications, or apps, and many of them surprisingly relate to sleep. There are alarm clocks, sound machines, sleep diaries, and programs meant to interpret dreams, hypnotize you, or analyze your sleep. What are your favorite sleep apps?

How to Use Sleep Apps
The saying goes that there isn't much new under the sun. However, you may not believe that if you explore the various applications, or apps, pertaining to sleep available for smart phones and tablet computers like Apple's iPad. Learn how these apps might help you to sleep better.

Toddler Sleep - How Do You Help Your Toddler Sleep Better
Toddlers may have unique problems sleeping, including throwing temper tantrums at bedtime or experiencing bedwetting. Share your experiences or seek advice from other parents who have learned to manage the sleep of toddlers.

What is My Sleep Number?
You have likely seen the Select Comfort mattress advertisements, but what is your sleep number? Learn what factors go into determining your sleep number and how it might help you to sleep better.

How Do You Wake Up Refreshed
If you long for the days of old when you would jump out of bed with a smile on your face, you may be interested in learning the best ways to wake up feeling refreshed.

When Is Daylight Savings Time?
When is Daylight Savings Time observed this year? Learn when you need to switch your clocks, whether you are springing forward or falling back.

Sleep Texting: Is It Possible to Send Text Messages While Asleep?
There are certain complex behaviors that can occur during sleep. These so-called parasomnias may include the ability to send text messages on your cell phone while remaining asleep. How is sleep texting possible?

What Can I Do to Sleep?
If you lie awake at night suffering from insomnia you might ask, "What can I do to sleep?" From behavioral changes to sleeping pills, there are a variety of treatment options available to help you get to sleep. Learn about your options and get the rest that you need.

What Is Polyphasic Sleep?
What is polyphasic sleep? If you are interested in changing your sleep pattern to maximize your productivity, you may entertain the idea of polyphasic sleep. Is this scheduled napping a normal sleep pattern? How might it lead to sleep deprivation? Learn more about polyphasic sleeping.

How to Choose a Pillow
How should I choose a pillow?

How to Sleep During Pregnancy
How can you sleep better during pregnancy? It can be hard to sleep when you are pregnant with physical discomfort and even sleep disorders. If you struggle, there are fortunately simple lifestyle changes affecting your diet, exercise regimen, and routine that can be helpful. Learn how to sleep well while pregnant.

What Causes Early Morning Awakenings?
What causes early morning awakenings? If you find yourself waking before your alarm clock goes off, there may be a handful of causes to consider. Some of the potential triggers could include insomnia, mood disorders like anxiety or depression, sleep apnea, and circadian rhythm disorders. Learn about these various causes of early morning awakenings.

How Can You Sleep at Night
If you struggle to fall or stay asleep, you may wonder: How can you sleep at night? Fortunately, insomnia has effective treatment options. Consider ways to strengthen your natural ability to sleep, including your sleep drive and circadian rhythm. Learn about sleeping pills, including prescription and over-the-counter medications. Finally,...

30 Days to Better Sleep: Remove the Electronics from the Bedroom
Learn ways to make your bedroom a sanctuary for sleep by removing electronics, including televisions, cell phones, and computers.

30 Days to Better Sleep: Lock the Pets Out of the Bedroom

30 Days to Better Sleep: Sleep at the Right Time for You

30 Days to Better Sleep: Create a Relaxing Buffer Zone with Sleep Rituals

30 Days to Better Sleep:

30 Days to Better Sleep: Avoid Heartburn at Night
Discover simple ways to avoid heartburn at night and the roles of spicy foods, late meals, and - surprisingly - even sleep apnea.

30 Days to Better Sleep: Consider If You Are Too Sleepy
Are you too sleepy? Consider the causes of insufficient sleep, how sleepiness is assessed, and the most important consequences.

30 Days to Better Sleep: Get Rid of the Alarm Clock

30 Days to Better Sleep: Focus on Weight Loss Tips

30 Days to Better Sleep: Don't Take Naps

30 Days to Better Sleep: Quiet Your Restless Legs

30 Days to Better Sleep: Snoring and Sleepiness Equals Sleep Apnea

30 Days to Better Sleep: Address Underlying Mood Disorders

30 Days to Better Sleep: Restrict Your Time in Bed, Consolidate Sleep
Learn how spending less time in bed with a treatment called sleep restriction might consolidate and improve sleep quality in insomnia.

30 Days to Better Sleep: Don't Try to Sleep, Change the Focus to Rest

30 Days to Better Sleep: Manage Your Stress with Relaxation Techniques

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