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Readers Respond: Tell What Your Sleep Study Was Like

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Updated August 28, 2009

So your doctor recommends you undergo a sleep study, but what should you expect? Many people often have some anxiety about the experience. If you have already had a sleep study, share what the experience was like for you. Do you have any advice for others? If you are waiting for a study, what are some of the fears or concerns that you have about it? Share Your Experiences

Don't necessarily trust sleep lab result

Because I have hypertension my doctor and I agreed to do a sleep study at a sleep lab. It was the worst night of my life sleep wise, I didn't feel that I slept at all, and was so tired at work the next day I felt sick. I was diagnosed as having sleep apnea with an AHI of 24 and low oxygen saturation. I never trusted this sleep study because I sleep like the dead at home and have functioned with 6 hours of sleep most my entire life, something I think would be hard to do for someone with sleep apnea. I also experienced no daytime drowsiness. I decided to go ahead and use the CPAP, figuring it wouldn't hurt me to use it even if I didn't have sleep apnea. Fast forward a few years and now they're doing home sleep studies, so I did one in the hopes I could use an oral appliance as I take motorcycle trips and a cpap machine takes up a lot of space. Imagine my surprise and joy when my doctor told me I didn't have sleep apnea. My AHI was 3.5 and my oxygen saturation level was 95. How could tw


Take an insomniac put in strange bed, hook up to wires, then place the console all those wires are hooked up to on bed on the side she sleeps on. Then have bright light of outside so it shows under crack in door even if I a used to my room which I have completely blacked out. Sure that is a great set up for accurate results. Curious to what if anything was discovered. Waiting for results.
—Guest Flea

Go with your gut

If you don't have apnea but hood old insomnia that ebbs and flows don't do this They told me if I cancelled they would never help me wow that's nice And really I will relax alone in a stone cold white room with hooky glue and electrodes I just bolted in 2 hours and left Hailed a cab Slept at home and napped an hour today Fu to the specialists who get 1000s for these tests
—Guest Dr sari gordon

Sleep Study

I went to the sleep study. I was hooked up to the wires and everything. I was able to take my sleeping pill. I went to bed earlier than i usually go to bed...but figured what the heck......i heard voices talking that seemed like they were right outside my door. I couldn't get to sleep at all. I called to the person taking care of me. When someone finally answered me, i asked for earplugs. I don't know what people would be doing talking so loud at a Sleep Study facility!!! I had a horrible night. After taking another sleeping pill....i guess i must of drifted off for a few hours. Was woken up at 5 a.m. Went home to shower and get the goop out of my hair!!! No results yet, but am curious to find out....
—Guest Diana

Did Not Sleep

Post Concussion Syndrome. Did not sleep during study. A CPAP was ordered with NO data !
—Guest Colin

Best Thing I Ever Did

I had my sleep study done 7 years ago. I was charted at AHI =120. Half was through the night , the night, they put me on the CPAP. When the technician, woke me in the morning - it was like I had been drugged. I could not remember the last time I had experienced such a deep and restorative sleep. I couldn't wait to get my own machine. I have found that using a nasal pillow type mask works best for me and allows me to sleep in many different positions quite well with out it being uncomfortable or being dislodged. I have traveled extensively with my CAP - Europe, Asia, and around the US. I wouldnt leave home with out it.
—Guest Rip Van Winkle

And I was worried I would sleep WELL! :P

I had a hard time getting to/staying sleep. It definitely took longer than usual, but that was due to a few factors. I was trying to get comfortable and felt VERY constrained. I wondered how anyone could sleep this way! Turns out that the little box had fallen off of the bed, which was causing the wires to pull! The tech came in and put it back on the bed. From that point I could move as I needed to. The nasal wiring didn't affect me but the microphone was taped on with adhesive that caused my neck to sting. I had a really hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I kept waking and can only hope it showed on the monitors. I only realized 90% of the way through that I needed one less pillow. After I removed it, I slept well... for about 45 minutes. LOL The tech said the paste would come out with a long hot shower, and he was right. I combed as much as I could out first, then it dissolved quickly in a hot shower. It was pretty gross feeling before that though LOL
—Guest Wendy

Didn't slepep

I only slept for 45 minutes and they told me I had an AHI of 45. Should I have another sleep study o4 will this suffice for a diagnosis of OSA?
—Guest Mark

sleep problem?

i was told a really comfy bed and dark room. should have been told to wear shorts, as i normally sleep in my underwear, and didnt know the wires would be on my legs, and i wouldnt be able to slip my pants off. so, baggy pants to add to the issue of getting totally hung up in wires that were attatched with irritating and pulling adhesive glue and tape all over. room was far too cool but asked for extra cotton blankets, which was ok. brought my own pillow. bed was soft, but not supportive at all and i wasnt using the cpap, but the nurse didnt unplug it and the room was completely bright. woke up angry and irritated and wanted to just unwire and leave, and the nurse was fairly inept as to what to do. next day could walk around the campus but who wants to with all that stuff on. so watched tv to pass the time, too tired to do anything like sew or read, the things i brought w me. had a headache every day for a week after, and two weeks for the spots on my scalp to stop bugging me. :/
—Guest elsie

Difficult Sleep Study

The technician was great. The room was nice. The bed was sort of comfortable, but not all that. I slept terribly. It took me much longer than normal to fall asleep. I kept getting tangled up in the wires and they had to come in and adjust them. Then, when I was sleeping soundly, they woke me up and told me to sleep on my back. I'm a side sleeper, and I can't sleep on my back, so I just laid there with my eyes closed hoping for sleep. It was a terrible night's sleep, and they said I had mild sleep apnea, which I can't figure out how they discovered since I barely slept. Also, they want me to come back to fit for CPAP, but there is no way I'll go back. Seems they only way they will approve the CPAP, which would probably be just as annoying as all the wires during the sleep study. I snore loudly and it keeps my husband awake, but I don't want to go back. Any ideas?

Surpringly Great Sleepstudy experience

I'm a college student who has had trouble getting good sleep most of my life I thought it was a waste of time to get a study and not being a big fan of hospitals i did not want to stay the night there. Sleepwatchers was recommended to me in Lake Villa Illinois, I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in. The sleep labs looked like bedrooms with walk in bathrooms and flat screen tvs and a Tempurpedic bed (which I really want at home now). The woman performing the study was extremely patient and nice to me. The next morning I awoke and was able to shower and was provided with breakfast. I came back for a second sleepstudy and saw there was a second lab that also looked like a bedroom. Again my experience was wonderful. A couple days later i got my results and I was able to get all my sleep apnea stuff (mask machine etc) in the same facility. It was a surprisingly easy experience that I wish I would have done sooner. Anyone in Chicago or Wisconsin area I recommend checking them out.

im having a third night sleep study.

my first night sleep study did not went well the people were nice and the bed was clean but i just could not sleep it felt strange to sleep in a room with a video camera.2 night study felt even more uncomfortable with the mask on.they couldn't read anything frome the 1st study so im having a 3rd sleep study.
—Guest missreader


It was by pure coincidence, when I visited to ENT specialist for some routine check up, he suggested I take sleep test. I did it take twice and I was told my AHI was above average . He suggested to buy and use CPAP. I did and I was monitored for two months to be told I have to raise the adjustment. It has been over a year now and every morning I check my AHI, it fluctuates, between AHI 7/8 to sometimes 24.5 and above. I am not sure why this is happening. What should I do, because sometimes even after 6or7 hours of sleep, I can't open my eyes. Any suggestions, thank you in advance
—Guest asskaydee

still trying

I had my sleep study done two yrs ago in a sleep lab that was awful.you could hear everything that was going on around you,the room was cold,the guy next to me keep the tv loud all night long and the two workers keeping and eye on everyone was lound in their talking. Really thin walls.They said i pass the slep test but my dr said there is no way but my ins. would not pay for another one so soon.Just had another one done but had it done at home and waithing on results.hope they do something soon this 4hrs of sleep or less at night sleepy in the day time and headachs,and feeling tired all the time is taking a toll on me.
—Guest Betty


in the last few months I have a terrible time falling asleep. On a few occasions, no sleep at all.I'm now taking a medication for anxiety and is working. However, it's addictive and taking over a long time is not recommended. The dose is very low but I don't think I want to continue tacking it for very long. I have a Dr's appt. and will discuss it with her.

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