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Readers Respond: What Themes Pervade Your Bad Dreams?

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Updated June 02, 2010

From the article: PTSD and Nightmares
We have all had bad dreams, but sometimes we have the same themes occurring over and over. What themes seem to pervade your recurrent nightmares? Whether it is dreaming of being chased or attacked by a monster, many of the themes are common. Tell others about the nightmares you can't seem to avoid.

Recuring Nightmares

I'd been having a dream of my baby brother dying, bullet whizzed by older brother's ear as we were going through the swamp. Eventually My baby brother died in the 3rd-4th sequence of that dream. At that time I thought the dreams were nothing. My brother that died in the dream, died in real life of an overdose in March. The dream continued again last night and showed the path to the swamp area was where we used to get into trouble. And that someone/something murdered my brother, not another person. How strange life is. I too am an ex-con. Among the dreams of rape and murder(fork in the road, one way is jail, one way is rape) there are many others. I won't go into that now though. What I do realize though, is that trauma can be confusing and dreams are a way for the body to let us know when something is terribly wrong.
—Guest Anon - Portland, OR

constant nightmares

i have been in prison in the past unfortunately for many years. Now being free for sometime,my dreams have apocalyptic and institutional (prison) themes. I suffer from ptsd and bi-polar disorder.
—Guest anthony cardwell


I have had my CPAP for about 2 weeks. I do not like the effect of severe breakout across the bridge of my nose from the full mask which is neccessary because I am a mouth breather. Any recommendations on how to get away from the sore nose bridge? Why not design a device which fits into the mouth like a snorkel-tube mouth-piece with added nose pillows? Seems like a simple solution.
—Guest NickyNewbee

Being chased or Hiding

In my younger years, a common theme of my dreams were either being chased or hiding. Some seemed very real while others seemed highly fnatastical. The person who was chasing me varid. It was either just a voice or a human/humanoid figure but was always distinctly male. I think this was due to having a violent step-farther. Ten years later, the theme of my dreams have changed. I have become the chaser or apponient of somebody or something wich is distinctly evil. Recently I dreamed of being followed by camoflaged figures in the woods but been absolutly fearless of their presents.
—Guest Michael


College Final Exam dreams. I'm minding my own business when suddenly it occurs to me that I have a final exam RIGHT NOW and its being held all the way across campus and its in a class for which I've never attended even one lecture and I've never even opened the class text book even once.
—Guest shel


I have nightmares about my older brother going to Afghanistan and dying.. he joined last year and I'm scared every day in case we get a phone call saying he's died
—Guest Rowan

Death of loved ones

I have dreams about the death of my mother and my child. My deceased father is also in every dream. My dreams are in color and full of emotion. Like fear,emotional pain.Fear. In other dreams I am being chased, I do not knoe by who or why.
—Guest Diana

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