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Readers Respond: How Much Sleep Do You Need?

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Updated October 07, 2010

From the article: How Much Sleep Do I Need?
Though it is often reported that we need eight hours of sleep each night, this may not be exactly true. This is an average, and some of us may need more sleep and others less. In fact, our sleep needs change through the years. How much sleep do you find works best for you? Share Your Sleep Needs

Not much...

... I just need between 4 and 6 hours per night. I also have no problem staying awake for a night and just go to bed an hour or two earlier the next night.
—Guest hanna

don't be afraid

I also have experienced this and also my daughter and the feeling as if somebody is laying on you and you can't move. I usually try to speak with my mind as to what if anyone is there and what they want of me. Passed loved ones do come to you in dreams but these are a bit stronger than that I have also had a dog lick my hand and hear childrens running around. I think we should keep an ope mind as the reasons behind all of this. I do believe in the after life and i believe it has comething to do with this. I am not threatened by this now as it use to happen with regularity, but now not so much My daughter also caught me levitating Try not to be afraid and perhaps it is just a loved one trying to come through on a meaningful date in your life
—Guest gail

I think it's getting better!

My sleeping pattern, that is! I seem to be sleeping better, but it was just last night, that I only got two hours of sleep.. I think it was a fluke, last night, I mean. I've been doing better - with each passing day!

Sleep restriction for insomnia

I have insomnia and have been doing sleep restriction for the past four days. I average 5 hours/night, and wear a sleep monitor that verifies my total sleep. I spend 6 hours in bed now, but with 5 hrs of sleep I feel tired during the day. I'm hoping the sleep restriction will help me improve my sleep over time - I've tried EVERYTHING else and my results with SR seem promising so far.
—Guest Cindy

Not Enough and Too Much..

I've been dealing with difficult sleeping issues for quite a while now. It used to be that I was a hypo-somniac, where I'd get way too much sleep. It became moderately better after I started taking an anti- depressant. Now what I go through, is I still sleep for about 15 or 16 hours one night but b/c I got so much sleep the night before, the next night is usually a no-go w/ shut eye. Once in a great while I will go to sleep, but not much. It goes from one extreme to another and it's very frustrating..

How much sleep do you need?

I get about 5-6 hours of sleep most nights. I do not believe I am getting enough. Sometimes when I am at home in the evening and trying to read, check mail, I fall asleep and cannot stay awake due to being so tired.
—Guest Carol


I need at least 8 and preferably 9 hours of sleep.
—Guest Eric

How much sleep do you need ?

I think we may need abut 4 to 5 HRS of sleep depnds on if you working a lot of HRS. and how much work you do.
—Guest Kenneth

Share Your Sleep Needs

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

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