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Readers Respond: Top Reasons You Can't Sleep

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Updated August 28, 2009

From the article: What Is Acute Insomnia?
There are plenty of reasons to not get a good night's sleep. When these lead to problems falling or staying asleep, you may have insomnia. What causes you to have insomnia? Are there certain things that are especially disruptive? How does stress change your sleep? Share Your Reasons

insomnia chronic

Even as a kid, I was an insomniac. I'm on I'll sleep 3-5 minutes, then awake for hours, but falling asleep for a few minutes now & again. This goes on for seveal weeks, then some nights I'll sleep for a whole hour, wake up for a couple of hours etc. If I take an antihistamine, I may sleep all of 4 hours then awaken but fall asleep again quickly. I get a "hangover", sleeping for 2 days, off on. Whi h isn't condusive. I'm also disabled in great pain(former firefighter who fell down a cliff while rapelling @ 2am on a wildland fire) which causes a lot of
—Guest tiredeyes

Headaches & Insomnia

I feel realy bad for everyone, I know what it's like not to be able to sleep. I have had headaches for 2 1/2 yrs. now and I am so frustrated due to this. It has caused my insomnia problems etc. I hate to take Ambien because they have terrible side effects. Does anyone have a cure for headaches,extreme condition.. They just won't go away. I am taking a natural supplement with Ovarian Root in it. I am taking a half of a Paxil and trying to ween myself off of Ambien. I have had Insomnia every since the doctor told me to stop all the pills I was taking 2 1/2 year s ago. So I guess that is what caused it. The pills were antidepressant, cholestral, and vitimins. He never said why he wanted me to stop them. I guess maybe I was showing liver damage. Please someone tell me how to get rid of these headaches. I cannot stand it anymore!
—Guest Erika

Bipolar disorder and insomnia

I have bipolar disorder. And I have always had my days and nights mixed up. I mean, I am a night owl. Not really a morning person. I usually don't fall asleep until late. And I usually have to lay in bed for a little while before I fall asleep. But I usually take diphenhydramine, which I think helps me fall asleep after a little while. I think I can sleep without it, but I'm usually afraid to try to sleep without it. Because I want to be sure to get my sleep. Like when I need to get my sleep before very late. I am unemployed, and on disability. If you are bipolar I recommend taking something like diphenhydramine if you need it. I often sleep during the day. So, then, it makes it hard to sleep at night, but I can get up early, and still go to sleep late at night. I do feel like my brain won't slow down much or stop for me to sleep. I can't make it slow much or stop it. But who can stop their brain?

Two Reasons

Restless leg syndrome and the medicine I take for restless leg syndrome working the opposite way that it should!
—Guest Rose


Review by Persnickety one for Rating: There are many sleep problems and no sivler bullet to fix them all. This book addresses many of them and seems to be a cut above average for sleep books. The CD is excellent. My challenge is sleeping through the night and I have tried lots of things books, the local sleep clinic, a CPAP (I have never felt so tired in my life as the day after I tried it: once was enough), sleeping pills and most recently this book. It is written very much in the style one would expect from a TV self help guru: lots of repeating how well it works, nearly blank pages to make it longer, some exercises and a CD. The exercises (with my rating of how they helped me) are:Reduce your worries *Practice feeling drowsy ***Calming the internal voice **Systematic relaxation ****Changing your storyValue yourself * (good thing to do, but didn't put me to sleep)Letting the feeling unfold *Asking the unconscious mind to help you* (So far)Release the day *Tapping your natural ability to sleep *Image streaming *Theatre of the mind **People with a specific sleep problem should not expect most of the exercises to be targeted to their problem I believe a realistic goal is a couple (three or four tops) and by that standard, the book is a success. The exercise described as best suited to my problem (waking up way too early, roaring to go) is the theatre of mind. Unfortunately, when I try to do it, all I can visualize is what I was thinking about before I started the exercise. But some of the others were helpful.The book contains much of the same advice as other sleep books (no naps, no TV before bedtime, no clocks in the bedroom etc.). I would say that part of the program is about average for a self help book. The best thing about the book is the CD. My wife and I have taken to listening to it at bedtime and I have done well enough getting back to sleep that I have been able to cope without taking a single sleeping pill since we started. I can complain about the stereotypical self help format, but I can't argue with the success of the CD.
—Guest NPukBQXtGRb

fear of falling asleep

violent dreams with no memory of dream after waking up.
—Guest thomas fabert


I have had a huge problem the last few months ican't sleep! Sometime it can get do irritating , I fall assllep around 2-3 o'clock I am up at5 my grades are awful, honestly. I do not nOt bother anyone about it but it bothers me. I feel like the walking dead I Might be simply walking and feel like I will fall anytime. Do you think I haves sleep disorder like insomnia?
—Guest Emily

sleep kills us

for anyone who wishes to seek help>? the only help you need is to not share your problems to the world, secondly , taking drugs to sleep will only worsen your sleep cycle even more, thirdly. everyone is different, at times, when i am drinking all night and sleep 4 hours then go to work ,I am fine, sometimes if not in better condition than if i were not drinking, and sleeping for 6-8 hours a day. so when the body and mind realizes that you had plenty of sleep whether it is 4 or 10 hours ,This would be as normal as nature can offer
—Guest sleeping hours 1-8 are normal

To guest Pokemon

You say you never sleep. Guess what?! You MUST get some shut-eye OR you wouldn't be experiencing dreams. Tah! Dah! :) You have to be asleep in order to dream. Congrats. to you, my young friend. However, you could have sleep epnea where you wake up alot during your sleep cycles. It would be worth looking into. Good luck.

Agrivation and restless while trying to

When i am tired at night i can fall asleep very quickly. But then for some odd reason i wake up about 2 hrs later. Then i have trouble going back to sleep. I feel very restless and i have this wierd agiitatioon in my shoulders. I dont know what that means. When that happens i try and sleep on the couch but the same thing happens i wake up every 2 hrs. In the morning i get soo moody and then all day my mood is just not the same.
—Guest Jeny

Bipolar and insomnia

I get about 3-4 hrs sleep at best. What meds can a bipolar take who is on meds for bipolar?
—Guest Carol

Chemotherapy indused insomnia

Six years ago when I started receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer my brain stopped sleeping. I can stay awake for days unless I take a sleeping pill. I think the chemo messed up some hormones in my brain but I've never been tested or treated for this. I just take my sleeping pill.
—Guest Emily

can not sleep due to rls, please help

I am suffering from RLS bad. I need some advice on how to handle this please. I will try anything to get a good nights sleep
—Guest pjporter


Usually I come home from work turn : turn on the tv and try to sip on hot tea to relax but lately I've noticed that I've been restless. Jumping and closing my eyes haven't been a problem fore but subconsciously I haven't been able to rest I notice I'm still up around 3-4 am and I have to work the next day. I'm 19 and I want to know do I suffer from sleep insomnia ?
—Guest EdwinWind11

I forgot what sleep is like

I have been dealing with a sleeping disorder for as long as I can remember. As a child I can remember looking at the clock thinking "when will I sleep". As an adult I still think the same not much had changed. I have seen a sleep specialist who gave me a booklet on how to sleep with most of the readings were what not to do before bed. I'm thinking "I know what not to do, I'm not doing it" why can't I still not sleep.
—Guest Dave

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Top Reasons You Can't Sleep

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