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Readers Respond: Discover How Others May Experience the Phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis

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Updated August 27, 2009

In what is a fairly common condition, sleep paralysis experiences tend to be similar. Share your experiences so that others may find comfort or marvel at the phenomenon.

What's going on?

At first I was having a dream and I became very aware that it was a dream. Then I woke up...I was wide awake and I felt this suction force literally just try and suck out my soul/spirit(?) multiple times. I started feeling numb, then I was overwhelmed by some weird soup of emotions all at once, coming in waves. I thought I was dying. So I started doing math and consciously telling myself that I was not going anywhere in my head. I thought I was losing my mind. Then, all of a sudden, my whole body just went limp, and I couldn't move anything. I tried to wiggle my fingers and for a moment I couldn't. Eventually I was able to and I completely woke up. This was ( is) so scary and the other stories aren't helping me feel any relief about it.
—Guest Joy

I woke up in bed realizing im Sitting !

I woke up in bed realizing im Sitting ! what is this !?? then i lay down again ! and in few hrs i wake up and realize im siting again . happens few times a night - 2-3 nights a month
—Guest Farid F

really damn weird

im 24 and have never had any issues with sleep paralysis. last night I had a very vivid dream and was startled by a loud metallic pounding. I opened my eyes but was unable to move at all, my breathing felt foreign like I wasn't controlling it. I struggled to moan to try and wake my wife up but couldn't muster the sound. my eyes kept trying to close and when I would fight it I felt a hard vibration in my forehead much like convulsions of a seizure. finally after about twenty seconds I called my wifes name out loud and was able to move about. I had a strange dream much like a OBE and I am not ruling that out. scary shit when you don't expect it. oh and as I was fighting the urge to sink back into sleep I kept hearing a pounding sound get faster and faster. I hope it wasn't my heart I was hearing because it was close to 220 bpm toward the end. damn...
—Guest dan

never felt such fear

The other night I stayed with my best friend of 18 years. im going to start by saying that I sleep there very often and we both always say we feel like someones watching us there. well her father works for a restoration company ad he recently (about 3 months ago) restored a house where a lady sat her house on fire and sat in it and burned to death. well he brought home a few miscellaneous items from her house. since then, both of our toddlers have been acting funny. my son will cry for 2 hours to fall asleep and literally hyperventilate. well the other night I stayed and I woke up, asleep on my stomach because I literally felt a hand on the back of my calves, pulling me from the end of the bed. so I go to sit up and realize all I can move is my head. I look back and see nothing, and then im able to move. I grab my blanket and pull myself back up in bed, telling myself it was just a nightmare. then it happened again, and by time I was able to move I was halfway off the bed, then once

sleeping demons

I only experience these things when I put food on my head and go to church after wards out hasn't happen cause the devil is happy I'm not serving God , yes even at my now I still get the sleep paralyze its demons .
—Guest Alien technology

Seeing Dark and Light entities

I have experienced sleep paralysis since age 14. I have seen two shadow men who came through my bedroom wall while paralyzed. It was terrifying because they both stabbed me. (this happened three times in a row that night) I have also see three small "beings" that were of the brightest white light I ever seen, there were three of them and they were tadpole shaped about a foot long. They were flying in a circle up above me near the ceiling. I was not afraid of these white lighted beings. I have also had an experience of floating toward the ceiling and having a massive energy of light type being come through my wall and while I was floating it put energy into me through my skin. It was the most amazing thing I have ever felt in my entire life! I have also had an experience of sleep paralysis where my entire ceiling disappeared and I could hear the loudest noise (like a cargo helicopter sound) My room was vibrating and the ceiling opened to the brightest white BLINDING light

fucked up

im not able to have good and tight sleep :( i feel like someone is entering into my body and trying to gain my attention and i feel like my toatal body is vibrating hardly i feel so tight and helpless i even cant ask for help my voice becomes toatally mute no one just cant hear me i cant even move my hands or legs i feel like im raising up slightly above form bed i cant open my eyes and its like something wrapped around my face that i cant breathe im feeling so helpless :/ and it even happens at nnon time when i go to bed and the time i feel all that happening to me i try to open my eyes and get out of bed but that doesnt allow me !! it makes fall asleep for more time i feel like i was too drowsy and cant even move !!
—Guest akila

Terrified to Death

Last night I was sleeping and it was a normal dream. I never had nightmares before so this was something that terrified me. It was pitch black and I couldn't see anything. I was lying on my side and I tried to move but I couldn't. I tried to open my mouth but my body was to weak to even do that, I also couldn't open my eyes. So now I'm thinking what's going on because I felt as if I was awake but couldn't move or speak. I started hearing demon voices trying to talk to me and I kept seeing a demon like face. Then all of a sudden I heard something running towards me and it literally jumped on top of me. I was so scared I didn't even know what it was. I kept on trying to scream as loud as I can but my mouth wouldn't open so all that came out was mumbles. I continued to attempt to scream then I was woken up by my mother. She told me I was screaming in my sleep and I was so confused I didn't even know it. This was the scariest night of my life because this has never happened to me before.
—Guest Mariah

These things keep getting worse.

So, I've been experiencing what is known to be 'Sleep Paralysis ' probably all of my life. Instead of dreaming I usually slip into this. Last night I was at my aunts house and it was probably around 3:26 and I was laying on the couch closing my eyes on my side. I thought that I just couldn't fall asleep so I opened my eyes and in the same exact position I was in so it felt real and I was in the same room but there was a shadow behind the wall and it was laughing like my mom and it seemed like it was trying to trick me into thinking it was her and trying to call me out of my body so you could tell it was something beyond evil. It was getting closer to me and I couldn't see anything beyond it.. Then it sat right beside my head and it was breathing on me and it felt definable real. I tried moving because I felt awake by moving my toes but they wouldn't move. So I couldn't wake up and at this point I closed my eyes and blinked 3 times an woke up. It had lasted 20 minutes...
—Guest Tina

Sleep Paralysis

I have experienced sleep paralysis over many years. The greatest theme throughout the numberous episodes was knowing someone was there in the room. I had many that were reliving my childhood sexual abuse events by my brothers. They were just as vivid and real as if they were happening now. Two years ago was the last one I had. I have always had issues sleeping and feel stress and anxiety in addition to those experiences, were resonsible. I still have sleep issues although not the sleep paralysis. Many times I was afraid to go to sleep in case one might happen.

Sleep Paralysis

I have gone thru this sleep paralysis, except for 1 thing I was not asleep, I was laying in my bed and on my back, when all of a sudden the room turned very cold! and at the foot of my bed stood something, next what ever it was climbed onto my bed and started crawling up on top of me, I was under the covers and what ever it was climbed right up to my chest I could not move no matter how I tried for a good 1 minute or 2. Finally what ever it was left. so I know now what happened= I was visited by a spirit, that is why the room turned ice cold, and I could see my breathe. that is what happens to a person when they have sleep paralysis, if you can remember back when it happened to you, see if the room turned cold and you could see your breathe? a lot of people wont believe this, but it is 100% TRUE! and I wasn't asleep, so I had just walked in there and was laying on my bed when this happened, I knew something was in the room w/ me. I was visited by a spirit, and it could be spirits w/ yo
—Guest wayne B.

Sleep Paralysis

Im 12 and i think i have sleep paralysis but i don't see demonic figures or things like that i just feel like i can't breathe it really scares me though because i think I'm going to die when I'm in that stage. Everybody says its just a dream but i finally found out what it was. It started when i was like 11 and i get it like every week and i can't breathe or move and there is a lot of pressure on my whole body. I haven't read anything where there is pressure on the persons whole body but I've read it happens on their chest. Somebody tell me if this happens to them to or if its just me.
—Guest Lexi

Sleep paralysis?

I was in bed around 5 AM and I heard my door open so I thought someone was coming to wake me up so I stayed facing the other way ((Towards the wall facing the opposite way of my door)). I felt someone come up to my bed and it felt like they were hugging me from behind but it felt like pressure pushing on my back and shoulder getting heavier and heavier. I tried to move and at first I couldn't but it didn't seem like I was awake. I could move after a few seconds and I woke up breathing heavy and turned around to see if something was there but there was nothing/nobody? Can anyone explain this please?!
—Guest K

this HAD to be sleep paralysis

This happened just 2 hours ago. So I was sleeping, woke up at 4:15 am feeling thirsty and needed to go to the restroom. Around 4:20 I laid back down on my bed, used my phone for a bit till I got tired enough to fall asleep again. It may have been 4:40 when I was at that drifting period, where you are still aware of your surroundings but are falling asleep. So as I was at that stage of sleep, I felt like somebody turned the fan off in my room, I assumed it was my dad, so then I tried lifting my arm so my dad wouldn't leave the room but I couldn't move and then I tried making a noise so my dad could hear me and I thought he did and I thought he was right next to me and I started crying because I couldn't move my body at all, and i thought that he we was there kneeling beside my bed because i could feel him watching me. I was laying on my back as well with my hand on my chest and my head turned to the right.After a while, I was able to move i turned my head and I saw that no one was there
—Guest Michelle

Summer school final

It happened to me today after a long night of studying my body was worn out Once I got home I decided to take a much deserved nap After a few minutes I felt hot so decided to jump down to the floor Once I felt comfortable I turned on my back and started to doze off Then I began to feel a heavy pressure on my body as if I was sinking down to the floor I couldn't move or talk I felt like I was moving my hands and trying to scream but nothing came out I was finally able to whisper out a bit and I heard my dog come to my side Once I felt him lick my are I was able to wake up It's a horrible feeling I then again began to doze off since I was so tired from being up so late Then once again I felt that pressure but this time my dog was asleep so I had to fight with my own body to try and get up After trying to pick up my are for the 20th time I was able to make some movement and finally got up once again after that I just go up didn't want to go through it again this isn't the first if happens
—Guest Student

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