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Readers Respond: Discover How Others May Experience the Phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis

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Updated August 27, 2009

In what is a fairly common condition, sleep paralysis experiences tend to be similar. Share your experiences so that others may find comfort or marvel at the phenomenon. Share Your Experiences

These things keep getting worse.

So, I've been experiencing what is known to be 'Sleep Paralysis ' probably all of my life. Instead of dreaming I usually slip into this. Last night I was at my aunts house and it was probably around 3:26 and I was laying on the couch closing my eyes on my side. I thought that I just couldn't fall asleep so I opened my eyes and in the same exact position I was in so it felt real and I was in the same room but there was a shadow behind the wall and it was laughing like my mom and it seemed like it was trying to trick me into thinking it was her and trying to call me out of my body so you could tell it was something beyond evil. It was getting closer to me and I couldn't see anything beyond it.. Then it sat right beside my head and it was breathing on me and it felt definable real. I tried moving because I felt awake by moving my toes but they wouldn't move. So I couldn't wake up and at this point I closed my eyes and blinked 3 times an woke up. It had lasted 20 minutes...
—Guest Tina

Sleep Paralysis

I have experienced sleep paralysis over many years. The greatest theme throughout the numberous episodes was knowing someone was there in the room. I had many that were reliving my childhood sexual abuse events by my brothers. They were just as vivid and real as if they were happening now. Two years ago was the last one I had. I have always had issues sleeping and feel stress and anxiety in addition to those experiences, were resonsible. I still have sleep issues although not the sleep paralysis. Many times I was afraid to go to sleep in case one might happen.

Sleep Paralysis

I have gone thru this sleep paralysis, except for 1 thing I was not asleep, I was laying in my bed and on my back, when all of a sudden the room turned very cold! and at the foot of my bed stood something, next what ever it was climbed onto my bed and started crawling up on top of me, I was under the covers and what ever it was climbed right up to my chest I could not move no matter how I tried for a good 1 minute or 2. Finally what ever it was left. so I know now what happened= I was visited by a spirit, that is why the room turned ice cold, and I could see my breathe. that is what happens to a person when they have sleep paralysis, if you can remember back when it happened to you, see if the room turned cold and you could see your breathe? a lot of people wont believe this, but it is 100% TRUE! and I wasn't asleep, so I had just walked in there and was laying on my bed when this happened, I knew something was in the room w/ me. I was visited by a spirit, and it could be spirits w/ yo
—Guest wayne B.

Sleep Paralysis

Im 12 and i think i have sleep paralysis but i don't see demonic figures or things like that i just feel like i can't breathe it really scares me though because i think I'm going to die when I'm in that stage. Everybody says its just a dream but i finally found out what it was. It started when i was like 11 and i get it like every week and i can't breathe or move and there is a lot of pressure on my whole body. I haven't read anything where there is pressure on the persons whole body but I've read it happens on their chest. Somebody tell me if this happens to them to or if its just me.
—Guest Lexi

Sleep paralysis?

I was in bed around 5 AM and I heard my door open so I thought someone was coming to wake me up so I stayed facing the other way ((Towards the wall facing the opposite way of my door)). I felt someone come up to my bed and it felt like they were hugging me from behind but it felt like pressure pushing on my back and shoulder getting heavier and heavier. I tried to move and at first I couldn't but it didn't seem like I was awake. I could move after a few seconds and I woke up breathing heavy and turned around to see if something was there but there was nothing/nobody? Can anyone explain this please?!
—Guest K

this HAD to be sleep paralysis

This happened just 2 hours ago. So I was sleeping, woke up at 4:15 am feeling thirsty and needed to go to the restroom. Around 4:20 I laid back down on my bed, used my phone for a bit till I got tired enough to fall asleep again. It may have been 4:40 when I was at that drifting period, where you are still aware of your surroundings but are falling asleep. So as I was at that stage of sleep, I felt like somebody turned the fan off in my room, I assumed it was my dad, so then I tried lifting my arm so my dad wouldn't leave the room but I couldn't move and then I tried making a noise so my dad could hear me and I thought he did and I thought he was right next to me and I started crying because I couldn't move my body at all, and i thought that he we was there kneeling beside my bed because i could feel him watching me. I was laying on my back as well with my hand on my chest and my head turned to the right.After a while, I was able to move i turned my head and I saw that no one was there
—Guest Michelle

Summer school final

It happened to me today after a long night of studying my body was worn out Once I got home I decided to take a much deserved nap After a few minutes I felt hot so decided to jump down to the floor Once I felt comfortable I turned on my back and started to doze off Then I began to feel a heavy pressure on my body as if I was sinking down to the floor I couldn't move or talk I felt like I was moving my hands and trying to scream but nothing came out I was finally able to whisper out a bit and I heard my dog come to my side Once I felt him lick my are I was able to wake up It's a horrible feeling I then again began to doze off since I was so tired from being up so late Then once again I felt that pressure but this time my dog was asleep so I had to fight with my own body to try and get up After trying to pick up my are for the 20th time I was able to make some movement and finally got up once again after that I just go up didn't want to go through it again this isn't the first if happens
—Guest Student

I think i just experienced SP

Or i try my best to believe it was just that. This night, as it is a habit, i read before falling asleep. While reading i heard from time to time cracking sounds from the other corner of the wall where my bed is. I tought it's just furniture cracking or such. But later on i woke up arround 3, couldn't really fall asleep again, turned from one side to another, i felt and heared what was like a foot drumming next to my foot, but fast. It wasn't my foot, and i wasn't asleep, and i not only heard it, but also felt the vibrations on the bed, and i was not paralysed, as i almost immediately moved and shouted for help. I still don't quite understand what that was.
—Guest just a girl

Last Night

Second time this has happened to me, Yesterday was a very hard day for me 7/26/2014 Earlier that day i cut my wrist down to the bone so i was super stressed. I had to recieved stitches. So when i got home i drifted off to sleep laying on my stomach i heard someone making farting noises which i thought was my two year old son i couldnt turn my head to see then i felt a tight squeeze on my wrist then pressure on my back, i couldnt scream or anything after it was over i check and find out that my baby is sound asleep.SCARY
—Guest Ni Ni

It happened last night

Well I was watching tv last night than like I dosed off to like a sleep/peaceful state of mind. I couldn't move nor talk. All I heard was this buzzing sound that will get louder than quieter. It started happening on the night of my Boy Scout trip and my great aunt died sumtime back. I felt this odd feeling and saw like a figure which looked like my aunt!!!!!!! This loud buzzing came in my ears than I regain control. I knew a lot of my close friends died and now it kinda like a trip to a spiritual state or a out of body experience. It's really not that scary no more. I prayed for closere that ill over come those death and I think that was a gift from god
—Guest Guest Justin


The first time this happened to me I was 13. I wasn't even in bed, I was watching tv with my older brother sitting next to me on the couch. I couldn't move or speak. I was so scared, I thought if I could just move my pinky, I would be ok. It seemed to last a long time,but I guess it was only about 1 1/2 min. Since then it's only happened about 3 times and always as I'm falling asleep. I don't hear or see anything but it has felt like something was pressing my shoulders into the mattress.
—Guest Chris

Sleep Paralysis and Demon Voice

I experience sleep paralysis from time to time, with no set pattern. This time, though, was particularly terrifying. I'd had to wake up to run a quick errand in the morning before I came back home to take a nap before getting ready for work. I went to sleep fine. When I "woke up," I couldn't move, but I think I remember trembling uncontrollably and I'd swear I heard a rather demonic voice (with noises behind it) mumbling to me. I couldn't see anything (I can't even remember if my eyes were open or not) but I heard it, even if, again, I couldn't make out what it was saying. When it stopped, I "awoke" as if nothing had happened, aside from being spooked and shaken at the ordeal. Still bugs me when it comes to sleeping. Terrifying....
—Guest Brandon

Last night was so scary!

I stay alone at home as my wife has gone to her mom place. Yestday night I was lying on my right side, facing the wall. I had blanket on me. Suddenly I had a feeling of being wrapped throughout the body. I felt like someone was holding me tightly from backside of my entire body. My left hand was resting on my right hand. As that strange feeling started to appear, I was slowly getting awake. I tried to move left hand and try to hit in anger but unable to. I tried to scream but unable to. For about two minutes I was helpless. Slowly my body started relaxing and I was having the feeling that the strange wrapping is now releasing slowly. Then I was able to move and saw nothing in the room. I slept on my back covering the blanket over my head. After an hour, I felt like someone is trying to pull my blanket to uncover my face. This time it was so scary. I tried to scream but no words coming out at all. After some time I force opened the blanket and saw nobody. I didnt dare to sleep aftr that

Held Down while screamed at

About a year ago, I remember waking up in my slightly lit room, and I tried moving my wrists to turn off my alarm clock before it blasted my ears. I couldn't move... and then I tried my head, it was fixed to view over my bed. Then a shadowy blob with a head started to form and scream a shrill sound at me without taking breaths until I was able to suddenly move my left wrist, swing at the air and heard something fall off my bed, make a mess out of my drawings and crawl on some weird crab crawl out of my room, into the light. Then yesterday a similar felling occurred after my name was called and I woke up with shadows all over the walls, shaped like people, hearing laughter. My ps3 turned on by itself, despite me having nothing that could turn it on as my controllers are being borrowed, alerting me further. After dealing with that noise for what felt like 10 mins, I was able to get up and stagger to the lightswitch. The ps3 turned off, the noise gone, the shadows gone. sounds fun eh?
—Guest Jon

Afraid to Sleep

Since the early age of five I have experienced what I believed to be 'just a bad dream'. The dreams frightened me, I felt a large had cover my mouth and I couldn't move, my heart pounded hard and fast with fear and then I would wake up ,I was dreaming. One dream in particular I am running away from someone in a car-park and as they get closer I try to run again but cant move my legs my arms stretched out trying to pull away. As a teenager I would stay awake and read instead of sleep or do homework till my eyes hurt. I also stayed up late and watched TV. I was afraid to fall asleep. I shared a room with my younger sister and sometimes would lie in my bed and watch as she slept, waiting to nod off myself, morning arrives and I'm still awake, only now I feel tired and need to stop myself from falling asleep. This pattern of not sleeping got worse with time. My nights literally turned to days and my days to nights. I am 50yrs old now, and sleep is still a problem.
—Guest Genevieve

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Discover How Others May Experience the Phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis

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