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Readers Respond: Discover How Others May Experience the Phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis

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Updated August 27, 2009

In what is a fairly common condition, sleep paralysis experiences tend to be similar. Share your experiences so that others may find comfort or marvel at the phenomenon. Share Your Experiences

Getting used to it

I have had this happen to me most of my life. I hear the footsteps mostly, floating a few times, someone crawling in the bed, the voices and dark figures. Hear my dog barking alot. I usually fight with everything I have to move. Once I snap out of it I have to get up and search my house. Make sure no one is there that shouldn't be. Nobody ever is, once I realize my family and I are safe I can go back to bed. It almost seems like my mind puts my fears against me. Some crazy nights glad to see I'm not alone. Rarely speak of these events to anyone.
—Guest Scott

strange dream

I do not ussaly have nightmares but do have many lucid dreams. But last night 3/26/14 during one of these dreams a pleasant one all of a sudden I was dreaming I'm pretty sure I still was when I suddenly was on my stomach face in my pillow sideways I could not move or say anything I was very frightened then I felt something big walking up from the back of my bed right side first then the same feeling on the left side almost like there were 2 of them I could feel the indentations next to me as they moved up my bed I was scared as hell and could not move I am a 250 lb male who dosn't scare easily I was screaming at myself in my head to wake up wake up and I did 30 sec later I never saw anything and woke up on my belly in the same position as my dream I am 33 and have never experienced anything like this it has me ratteld still what could this be just a nightmare?
—Guest terry

deep voice whispers to me

i slept over my dads house one night and i was sleeping in the living room couch. It was about 2am in the morning and i woke up but my body was paralyzed and i saw a black tall figure next to me by my face and it was whispering something in my ear but i was so scared as to why i couldnt move that i didnt understand what it was saying. when it stopped whispering then i was able to move and i didnt sleep after that.
—Guest alexis

Can't move

After falling asleep for the night, I awake groggy. Both times I've fallen asleep on my back with the light on, after reading. (I read it's more common to happen then) I go to move, when I slowly loose function of my limbs. I cant lift my head or move any part of my body. (Although I feel like its happening then and there vs waking up paralyzed) Both times a tingly/numb feeling washes over me. Both recent times, in my sleep daze, I think I'm having a stroke or something similar. I call out for help. But nothing! I think of the kids who are also sleeping in the next rooms. Try reaching for the phone but can't move anything. Then switch to the feeling it's something more than medical. Unseen, evil, and terrifying. Eventually I come out of it, usually opening my eyes in a daze. Jump out of bed, turn on every light in the house, and fall back asleep on the sofa. That's my history of this. No fun!
—Guest Lauren

This one time was scary

So I know it's SP , it has happened to me before . This just happened 15 minutes ago . I was just lying and fell asleep it was around 4pm and all of a sudden I couldn't move my face or anything . My face was on one side and I couldn't turn it around . I could see my own face and then my sister talking in the same room . I tried to break through coz if you put all your pressure it goes away . It went away but then I turned my head to the other side and it came back . It was really scary as if someone was around me , I couldn't even open my eyes properly but I could move my legs until I finally break through it . This was the scariest of them all id can't even explain.
—Guest Dis


I experienced "sleep paralysis", for the 3rd or 4th time. I was sleep in bed with my dog. He began barking as I heard foot steps in the hall outside my bedroom door. I must stop and say my dog is small and overprotective of me and barks at everyone and everything. I heard my door open and assumed it was my child. My dog growled before I felt him jump off the bed. I heard sniffling as the covers were pulled back and I felt someone climb in bed next to me. I felt no danger or fear because my children frequently get in bed with me. I tried to open my eyes and say my sons name and couldn't. I could not speak, open my eyes, or move my hands, legs, anything. My head felt heavy as I tried to move it and sitting up felt impossible. I grew frustrated because I could not lift myself up. I kept fighting this weight over my body and finally was able to turn my head and say "get out". Once I said these words I slowly regained use of my body. Able to move I ran from my room and went to check on my
—Guest Elle

I can't see my hands anymore

I find it creepy when I connot see my hands anymore, I want to pulled up my body to ask for help but I got stuck like my spirit don't want me to go out of my body.
—Guest Jeapee

Melting World, Little Girl

So tonight I fell asleep with 3 pillows around me and one above it to block the TV light. I fall asleep but I am still awake (lucid dreaming) at this point I notice I am lucid dreaming, my whole body feels like it is unable to move but I had the strength to close my hand into a fist, As I did this everything around me was melting, I couldn't stop sinking into my bed lower, and lower. At this moment I panicked and with all I had in me I lifted my arm and Finally awoken. Another Lucid dream / Sleep paralysis I had was up stairs in my older brothers room. Take in note we built our house our self 13 years ago. I was sleeping up stairs in my brothers room to take care of his dog. I feel asleep next to the closet door facing it. I woke up from this, well atleast I thought I did. Not being able to move or act. I couldn't scream, yell, move, or even close my eyes. There was an exorcist looking girl out of the closet looking at me. Most terrifying exp. of my life.
—Guest Michael

anyone else?

I have had this for a long time off and on..usually just as I'm drifting iinto sleep I'm extremely tired when it usually happens..I feel I'm asleep because I'm dreaming but I can hear the tv still or whatever's going on in the house..I feel myself slippin deeper into sleep and I'm terrified I try to wake up..yelling but it comes out like muffled sounds and I feel like my heads thrashing around it takes all my energy to pull myself out my daughter said I really am shaking I woke up breathing hard and scared. Is that part of sp?
—Guest unladylike

re :sleep paralysis angels

Used to happen to me in my childhood ( age 4-7) and later in the early teen age...seldom later in late 20ies and 30ies... at the same time was contacted by the astral being that showed himself to me as a hologram ( as a cca 10 yrs old boy in the light blue or white dress, longer blond hair and big brown eyes, communicated telepathically to me)..this is process when angels and other entities repair your aura, body and soul. in order to keep you steady they paralise you for a nanosecond that appears to us as a minute of our time...it is unusual and not comfortable but it s less painful than a dentist treatment....these entities do that if they feel you are effected by the dark forces, or if you feel sorrow or any kind of unhappiness you can t deal with . Don t worry , just relax think of it will pass soon....Try to address to your angel in the evening and ask him/her to help you to go easier through it. Admit that you are not feeling well so they might find easier way... Peace with you
—Guest sandra


In my experience I feel someone is holding and massaging my boobs... I know no one is in the room because I locked it and there is no other key in the house
—Guest Hotmess

Not exactly sure

Last night i believe i experienced sleep paralysis for the first time though I'm not sure how it happened. I was having an uneasy sleep and suddenly I partially woke-up, it felt like my vision started pulsing like it was about to have a flashback(me being a wimp started doing EVERYTHING to not because I did not want to deal with that) and when I tried to make sounds all that happened was air escaping and nothing coming out so I kept trying and trying and I eventuallly made a little gasping noise but when that happened my blanket started constricting around me and pressing in really tightly. Tbh, this scared the shit out of me and if I hadn't known what sleep paralysis is I would've been flipping out. And after this happened I kept thinking about wanting to go upstairs and I'd like, dream that I was walking up but then when I woke up i'd still be in bed this happened a few more times before I finally fell asleep where I proceeded to have a dream/nightmare
—Guest Hello

Nested sleep Paralysis

Does anyone else experience nested sleep paralysis? I'm asleep and then wake up paralyzed with my eyes frozen shut. I can't breathe and I know there is something evil nearby moving towards me. I also know that if I can open my eyes, it'll go away and I'll wake and be able to breathe again. I'm panicing and making a collosal effort to open my eyes and eventually succeed. For a second I feel intense relief, then i realise I'm only dreaming I opened them. The threat is still there and I have to force my eyes open all over again. I might have to repeat this 4 or 5 times before I actually open them for real and wake up, but even then, it takes a minute or two for me to realise I am now actually awake and not dreaming I'm awake. It is always terrifying and leaves me totally drained.
—Guest Samantha

Can'y lift My Head !

I have this recurring dream (although it feels like I'm awake ) that I'm sitting up and my head has fallen down on my chest. This some how cuts off my breathing and I begin to suffocate. I try desperately to lift my head but it's so heavy I feel I'm going to die ! Finally I manage to lift it and this is when I wake up gasping for air! Soo scared I don't want to go to sleep again!!! Is this sleep paralysis or sleep apnea, or something else...HELP!!!
—Guest Rae

Scared Te Crap Out Of Me

I don't really know if this is SP but I have a relative. That has it but that's a possibility. One night I had this dream that I had been given death penalty (God Knows Why) but the person that was giving me death penalty was my father! And he kept trying to suffacate me. And then i woke up scared to death. And I thought about it the rest of the day. And about a month later I had a dream that my mother had been electrocuted to death by a faulty computer circuit board. And that my dad was looking for a kidney ( that part I have no idea about) and that she died and I had to go live with my aunt. And at that point I woke up crying and unable to think of anything else.
—Guest John

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Discover How Others May Experience the Phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis

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