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Readers Respond: Discover How Others May Experience the Phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis

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Updated August 27, 2009

3rd Sleep Paralysis

Was sleeping then I heard my hamster making noise in his cage, squeaking and scratching against a newspaper. I was about to get up to check on it but then a static sound just started ringing around my head or my room. Then I realized I couldn't move. I knew I was awake but I just couldn't force myself out of numbness. Then a man emerged from beside my bed and strangled me down, his arms pushed against mine. I took a peak at him while he was forcing me down and I saw a nametag pinned on his top and it read "Cop Sikian". I was screaming for help but it seemed merely a murmur. Then suddenly I came back to my senses. I just lay there in bed, too afraid to get up and turn the lights on. So I prayed and thought about the man. I've read that during sleep paralysis, hallucination is a common denominator but the Cop Sikian dude will always mean something significant from now on.
—Guest Venice


When I was asleep I feel that im already awake but I cant move And I feel that my head is shaking and I hear a sound of thunder continously and I saw a ghost figure above my face screaming and pulled my feet im so scared, I tried to scream and move but I cant I called my mother alot of times but no words came out of my mouth it freaks me out when I woke up I prayed to God and tell him to protect me and watch me while I am sleeping
—Guest Kiel

I have learned to copw with it. :)

I have had episoides of SP since i remember being 14 (im 4 years older) and since then i have had them but not so frequently, but lately like in the last 2 months i had about 3 episoides of SP, but i had searched about the causes &' why it happens, and then i got to the part where it it says how you can astral project after having a SP episoide. And it got me really interested in the subject so i did some research and i thought about trying to AP by the next time i get a SP, so i said ok then, so 2 months ago i had a SP episoide and for the first time i had let my fears in SP go away and thats when i "accepted" the SP and then i heard the ringing "buzzing" sound like i always do when i get SP and i felt paralized and i felt the vibrations all over my body (it happens to some during SP because ur close to astral project) but since then i havent succesfully astral projected, i had been close one time when i felt i was floatin up and i was feeling lighter. Try it guys its not scary!
—Guest Elizabeth


I have read up on this I had it for the first time lastnight I fort I was going to die!! I was just nodding of then I felt pins and needles shoot frew my body even in my face I tryed to move as I felt sick and it was like I was pinned to the bed I just could not move I was trying to shout my boyfriend to wake him up but I couldn't the more I was trying to move and shout the worse it got!!! Iv never been so scared in my life
—Guest gemma

not sure

Iv been have these experiences for a long time they come and go iv been researching for some time but I don't know what to believe all I know is that it scares the hell out of me I get the same things but iv never been touched I just woke up from one what ever it is it feels evil not normal it felt like something was picking me up and I was floating to the ceiling of course I cannot move or talk but I thi.k I'm awake I try to scream for my aunt but it dosent work so I screamed in my head the best I could in Krause name I command you to leave I had to do it several times before I could wake all the time floating upward it feels so weard it always happens when I'm falling to sleep sometimes more than once I never hear voices but sometimes see a shadowy thing but I always get the feeling of intense evil and am terrified to go back to sleep I use to think something was trying to get in me iv never experienced the floating this was a first its usually like my body vibrates I can't move
—Guest blondie


My anxiety has been super bad lately - not that I ever had serious issues with until now. I'm 21 female, and I just woke up with my bed being right next to the window. When I was sleeping I heard noises, like someone singing and a person who I thought might of been my boyfriend trying to tap my window. I heard singing and saw him but I couldn't speak - I kept trying to push out the words *who are you* but my voice sounded groggy and i really had to force it. After reading this I thought I might also have SP, then I came along to one forum that included someone waking up hearing voices and songs loud -- knew there presence was there and the voice said "got-cha" I swear I have heard those exact words and now that I think of all the times I would wake up to voices it goes back to be being a little girl and fearing that people are watching me sleep.
—Guest Guest - neen

sleep paralysis

I did have a few experiences with SP. One of them i heard heavy breathing in my ear. And i felt being touched sexually. It lasted quite while. I knew i was wide wake and i could not move. It was so strange. I knew what was happening so i only vould concentrate in my own breathing.that was how i could get out of it. It was something rhat i cant explain. I do hope never experienced again. Hortifying
—Guest kiu walsh

I'm terrified.

I just nodded off for an hour and half.. suddenly It was as though someone was covering my face with a pillow, I couldn't breathe or scream. I knew I was asleep so I was trying to wake myself up but when I was scratching myself my skin was numb and I couldn't scream through what was covering my face. Then bang I woke up I was so relieved until a cover crept over my mouth when I tried to pull it away my hands were pinned down the cover covered my face and began suffocating me again, at this point I didn't know what was real and what wasn't. Until I eventually woke up my heart was pounding and I was struggling to get a breath. The whole time it felt like something terrible (evil in fact) was pinning me down and trying to kill me. I do get s/p but not where I can physically feel something covering my face. I have not been this terrified of sleep in a long time.. :'(
—Guest kelly

happens me frequently

This has been goin on with me for years.now I know when its goin to happen a loud buzzing noise happens and I just tell myself I am dreaming.it alwayd seems to be something is trying to choke me but there is nothing there I camt move all i can do is a wee moan to try get my fellas attention.worst ever was the night I came home from hospital with my new baby.something bad was tryin to take her into a light her body was floatin up while me and my sister were tryin to keep her from going up .bruno mars grenade was playing backwords.scary stuff. I dont want to go to my doctor I case he thinks ive lost the plot
—Guest scaref shitless

IDk what it is. (5am-6am) 11/11/13

I was dreaming of my aunt and her baby...then all of a sudden i started to hear people talking outside of my room and a type of fancy music was playing. So it was like i was half awake and half asleep, then a little girl whispered in my ear "She's drawing on your wall". Then i heard myself respond to it, "who?", that's when i woke up and i couldn't move, talk/scream, all i could do was look around my room. Then 2 Min. later i was able to move, so turned on my stomach and went back to sleep. In about 2-3 min. i felt the covers being pulled off of me.
—Guest Precious

Most Terrifying Experience

This just happened to me!!!! I was having a dream about evil spirits and woke up not being able to move with my hands and feet half way in the air!!!!! I tried to scream for my mom but couldn't, all that came out was a weird little wail. And finally when I was able to move I jumped half way cross my room, thinking something was holding me there!! I looked up some things about not being able to move and evil entitys and found this. It makes sense now because I've had other experiences were I heard a mans voice in my ear or see someone while dozing off. If anyone has any advice on how to stop this or at least get a better handle of it please please post/respond!!
—Guest Adrian

holding me down and tugging at my blanke

very frightening I am being held down cannot screen cannot move and I can feel tugging at my blankets I can hear my dog growling. then I wake up or become more alert because I really feel I was awake and leave that room I am so scared of my bedroom I now sleep on the couch not to mention the bad dreams in my dreams I get up and it's pitch dark in my house I go to turn on lights and none of them will come on I get this overwhelming feeling that I am in danger
—Guest Susan

a possible solution

I've went through this many times and its also call "quando se te sube el muerto" death is over or on top of your body. Like the dark things you experience that are scary actually a bad spirt , someone died there or witchcraft was made there so you need to pray while the situation accurs and if you are an athist the bigger target you are to there access do not go to sleep scared because you also become easy access just try to connect with god I'm not religious but this work edvfor me and 4 people I know I hope it helps
—Guest Joseph

am i goin crazy?

This Has Happened To Me Maybe 6 Or 7 Times Since I Was 18. Its Sometimes Far And Few And Only Seems To Happen When I Sleep Alone. I'll Be Dreaming And Then Suddenly I'm Awake Aware Of My Surroundings, But In A Sense I'm Really Not Awake. Its Starts By An ExtreamJly loud piercing noise in my ears, but when I try to reopen my eyes or scream for help i can't move. my voice is silent my arms and legs are dead. i sometimes try to calm down and talk my self through it but it only gets worse until my head is pounding. i had no idea what it was until i googled it just not after having an episode from an only 30 minute nap. i want to tell my friends and family but i fear they will think i'm crazy. i don't know what to do but make a doctors appointment. i'm scared to sleep
—Guest chelsey

Just go back to Sleep

It has happened to me many times. Usually when stressed or over tired. The first time I saw a big book with the pages flipping. Another time a nun, smiling and leaning over me. Once in my new home I felt what seemed like a cat, settling on my feet and the last time, I was in front of the TV and saw nor felt nothing. I have learned to just relax and go back to sleep and then I wake up properly, rather than this sort of awake dreaming.
—Guest JAS

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