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Readers Respond: Discover How Others May Experience the Phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis

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Updated August 27, 2009

Stress related

I'm a 48 year old female who suffered from sleep paralysis for years. I only recently found out what I was suffering from by researching it myself. I too suffered from this phenomenon at least once a week; it terrified me! I thought I was being surrounded by evil demons who were paralyzing me, strangling me, and making me fear for my life. I had no idea why I was having these sessions, and never knew when they would occur. After I left my high stress job, the paralysis slowly went away. I haven't had anymore sysmptoms now for years. I do believe that it was stress related since I have had the same job since I was in my twentys, and now have retired. So, if you suffer from this phenomenon, please realize that it maybe due to any stressors that are affecting your life.
—Guest MMH

Sleep Paralysis

I started having sleep paralysis around the time I was diagnose with social anxiety disorder. Its been 3 years from the time I was 17 and found myself unable to move or speak in the middle of the night. The best way I can describe my first experience is that the figure I saw floating over me that night looked a lot like the dementors from the Harry Potter series. It's odd because it was way before I started watching or reading Harry Potter. In the book they describe the presences of demetors to be as if all the happiness have left the world and they force you to relive your worst memories. I couldn't help but wonder if the author of HP also has had sleep paralysis because the manner they are describe is very similar to how I saw and felt it. Anyways, it seems I have a SP episode ever time my head hits the pillow. It doesn't matter what way I sleep, I have it. I'm starting to get use to it, but sometimes they are just so horrible and the feeling of it lingers on for days.
—Guest Bibiz

Relax guys

I used to get this all the time, and rest assured, no matter how evil or scary the experience seems, it is NOT paranormal. You're mind is in a dream state while your conscious which causes your mind to freak a little bit causing some extremely uncomfortable sensations and hallucinations. In my own experiences, I would get a rush of terror and certain shapely objects in my room I would perceive as beings, demonic or otherwise. However, over the years I've come to learn that these are all products of my mind under these conditions. Remember, there is nothing to fear but fear itself, and fear is essentially the theme of these episodes. Nowadays, I get them more rarely, and when I do, I find them nothing more than interesting.
—Guest Austin

Sleep paralysis visions

About a year ago, sleep paralysis struck me at about 6am whilst laying on my back. I felt a vibrating sensation however, I didn't really feel fear like I normally do so I was calm and just waiting for it to be over. About 5 seconds later I saw a white angel appear hovering over me only to be staring at me. I did feel frightened not because of the prescense, but because of the supernatural experience happening before my eyes. It almost seemed like my white curtains had somehow transformed into hat angel. Soon later, another white angel appeared before me eyes which scared me even more, keep in mind they were just hovering. They looked like human statue angels, but what made this phenomenna more interesting is that it happened on a special day where my religion (christian - orthodox), required me to fast for that day (meaning not to eat meat. Moments later, I woke up and was terrified to sleep since this was the first time I actually saw things during sp. Questions mr_serbking@hotmail.co
—Guest neshko

leave me alonel:

This shit is weird its dark and compresses my body it used to choke me and let me go but now it just compresses me it happen a yr aqo but now there more frequent its fuckinq scary i talk in my sleep but it aint me its :them: idk y or wat they want my sistr sed i was sleeping once and she saw a black shadow hunched over me watchinq me sleep once i havent seen it but i dnt want 2 its scary its like it wants to control me but it dusnt let me move its just ther i cant move or speak i hear a ranging or electric sound tho ..help?
—Guest sleep paralysis

Worst Feeling Ever

When I was little, my grandmother would tell me the worst stories and EVERY night I would fall asleep after a few hours of cowarding and then would 'wake'. I would then spend the REST of the night in the S.P. I just wanted to scream.
—Guest Guestus

happening more often

It 1st happened when I was 17 was asleep an felt like someone sitting on me and I couldn't move, had to really concentrate to move my body. Its happened quite a lot over the years. But recently got worse I'm 33 now. I've felt like I've been dragged out of bed and round my room. Also sometimes hear loud noises. Once I've woke up which sometimes feels like forever after a lot of concentration I go straight back to sleep then it happens again, so now I have to sit up and wake up properly. Its getting scarier cos its happening most nights! I knew its sp but today I decide to look it up and now reading everyones stories I don't feel so alone with what I'm going through. Still srares me though!!
—Guest kath78

Scared and tired !!!

Its been going on since I was about 23, im now 31. I didnt know what was going on with me. I didnt want to tell anyone because I thought they would say im crazy. I didnt see a doctor because I didnt know how to explain it. It happens to me about once or twice a month, but sometimes it happens once a day. I wake up, but I cant move, I cant open my eyes, or even my mouth to scream for help. I used to panic, and felt like I couldnt breathe. But now I try to relax, and tell myself its gona be ok. The only thing I still fear is that when it happens I feel that there is someone in the room with me.. Watching me. Something evil. As crazy as it sounds, its true. I sometimes cant believe it myself, so how can I talk to anyone about it. I broke down in tears because I just cant take it anymore. I fear to go to sleep sometimes. But now I feel relieved that I am not alone. After I did some research, I now know I can see a doctor and not sound crazy. I pray every night that I can get over SP !
—Guest Tito


so I am 14 and i googled this because i am scared. Around 3 or 4 am sometimes, all of a sudden i can't move my body. and i hear voices in my head... like im being dragged down to hell. it feels so powerful. i then scream in my head ; " take me to heaven god " and sometimes i think i even say the words outloud. it then goes away usually and then i can't sleep because i am so freaked out. i dont know what to do, and i am happy i'm not the only one.
—Guest me


In the 16 years that I've lived, and for as long as I can remember, I've experienced these paranormal like "dreams" almost every night of the week. Only one of these dreams has stayed in my memory and terrifies me every time if think of it. That night I had gone to sleep with my sister. I woke up, and found that i could not move. So i stayed still and waited for it to be over like the rest of my "dreams". It was taking a long time. While waiting I heard, what I think was, a woman. I closed my eyes really tight, I didn't want to see her. I felt her climb on me. She then commenced to choke me. Usually I can't move when this happens, but I moved my arms a bit and could actually feel this things arms. They felt scaly and rough. Then i heard it speak. It wasn't any language I've ever heard,Nor could i distinguish if it was a female or a male speaking. This was the worst experience of my life. I woke up to find my sister had tried to wake me but could not.

Feeling a demonic presence..

I didn't know what sleep paralysis was untill yestureday. I think I have experienced this before, on many occasions actually. But, it's a little different. The scariest time was about a month ago when I feel asleep on my back, which I never do. I usually fall asleep on my stomach. I "woke up" and opened my eyes, looking aorund my room, but did not move. I didn't feel paralyzed, but idk because I didn't try to. I suddenly felt chills, and felt a dark, demonic presence open my door and enter in my room, so closed my eyes pretending to be asleep. I felt it get closer, and got so close, Icould hear it breathing heavily over me. My heart was beating really fast, and I started to feel pressure on my chest and arms, still pretending to be asleep. I could feel the covers being pulled off of me.. i don't remember how got out of the trance.. but I thought I was being possesed or something. I'm so glad I found out it's SP. I thought I was the only person who has experienced this.
—Guest Kaitln

Just Happened

In my dream I was in a large dark room that somewhat resembled my room (apart from being FAR bigger and covered in random clothing piles and furniture). In this dream I lied down in bed, then as soon as I lied down my vision went into third person and I was looking at myself laying there and large stylized letters appeared over me "Time to wake up, Ryan" some of the words were crossed out and I can't remember them now. That's when it happened. I woke up staring at my pillow, my vision went shaky and gray and I was shivering, like I was cold, then I heard really loud screaming in my ear for a good ten seconds before I was able to move. Easily the most frightening experience of my entire life, and this was the first time it ever happened to me.
—Guest Ryan

Ghosts and Demons - Have a laugh

I don't mean to stamp all over other people's opinions but I am shocked some people are considering ghosts and demons, I always assumed the old hag and the tall guy in the suit (two of mine) were remainders of a dream that I hadn't quite woken up from - I see things when I'm deprived of sleep two but again I KNOW these are hallucinations. I don't see them all the time - only when its dark in my room because although I hate to admit it at 25 I'm still afraid of the dark and sleep with a hallway light on, maybe this is my problem, my dog sleeps in my room also, these I think are all issues I need to look into futher. My problem is I fall asleep at 12ish (earliest) dependant on when I go to bed and wake up at 6am, in this time I wake up periodic every half hour or so and these small interuptions are really starting to affect me at work because I can't consentrate. I've been this way for the last 15 years but it's been worse (that I remeber) in the last 2 and I'm not sure what to do?
—Guest Danielle

one of many experiences

I sleep earlier because I'm very tired. I suddenly hitting my pillow and enter a dream. In my dream, I'm lying in a very strange room (looks similar to my room) but suddenly I felt someone push my back and I'm start flying fast. The episode change very fast. Now I suddenly in my bathroom with no light and someone starring back at me in the door. I woke from my sleep but I can move my body for a few second untill I regain control of my body
—Guest Andhanu


i don't know if it was a type of sleep paralysis or not.. But when i was alseep i felt like i had woken up, but my eyes were closed, i could feel my arms, legs, body but i could not move them, i didn't feel scared and i didn't see any hallusinations, and i was not lying on my back, after about 10 seconds i felt like i was falling to sleep again and when i woke up i almost forgot about it. I believe that Sp is a spiritual thing, no amount of science will ever be able to explain it, I'm just happy i believe in God, and that he always protects me no matter what. =)
—Guest M

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Discover How Others May Experience the Phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis

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