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Readers Respond: Discover How Others May Experience the Phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis

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Updated August 27, 2009

very real

You can say whatever you want about how sleep paralysis works but the terror it brings me is more crippling than anything I've ever experienced. It's happened to me regularly since I was a teen (I'm now 30) and it always has the same effect. It starts with me being awakened suddenly, by a presence the leans on the bed next to me. It's a large shadow that I can't quite see and at first I feel safe but when I realize my body can't move I dive into a desperate panic. It watches me, it laughs at me, it knows it has control and revels in it. When I awake shadows move around the room and the howling is defining. I am in no way religious but the answers offered to me simply don't add up. Either I am totally crazy or something unexplainable haunts me. I don't just see it and hear it... I feel it. There is nothing in the known world that scares me as much as this thing.
—Guest the worst


well you people dont want to have it.but i want to get Sleep Paralysis.Sleep Paralysis is a helper or first state of OBE or Astral projection.im trying to get it for 1 year but didnt get it.if anyone know how to get it please post here.thanks
—Guest O.O

SP and something else D':

I think there is more than one type of SP, since september 2011 i've come home from college and go to sleep for like 3hrs, and i would often go to sleep and be able to wake myself up after a while, and sometimes i could think "wake-up" and i would, but it would often take a while before it happens, and then one time when i was asleep at around 2am i had dreamt that i was walking to my bathroom, despite earlier on feeling slight anxiety about going to the toilet that night, and i opened the door without even using my hands ( how cool) and then i felt this darkness come on my eyes and mouth and i couldn't speak at all, and i felt completly terrorfied, and the only thing i could think to say was "Jesus!" and it took a few times before it actually came out and when it did i could see again and i felt lighter, and then i felt like i physically jumped back into my body as i had saw the light coming from my laptop which was seated on my bed below me which was really weird, didn't sleep again.
—Guest Adonai

am confuse

this keep happing to me sometimes i hear people talking ,,,,sometime i hear foot walking in my room,,,,this even happen with my eyes wide open ,i cant talk or move the only thing i can do is ask god to help me please ,,,and even when i do wake up its like am being forced to go back to sleep ,,some times am afraid to go back to sleep.the only thing i can do is go and wash my face ,,,,some people says .your soul is gone for a walk some say that your mind is awake but your body is not awake some say its nightmare or bcz u sleep on your back how can it be nightmare when it happens to me broad daylight no matter what side i sleep on it still happens,,,,i know alot of people that it happens to
—Guest jody


So i just experienced this last night. The thing that scares me is that my mom was murmured by her husband a few weeks ago and then killed himself. Im so freaked out): i couldn't move or talk. I keep thinking Its him coming after me but i know my mommy is protecting me.
—Guest aschu

Happened to me last night

in the middle of one of the most lucid dreams I have every had I had woke up, I could not no matter how hard I tried, (example: close yours eyes and try to open them at the same time but do not open them, it was just like that exactly but I was absolutely trying to open them. ) my arm was above my head and I could not move no matter how hard I tried. then i fell back to sleep into the same exact dream. Weird stuff.
—Guest Bryan

The Overwhelming Feeling

I was lying on my back and resting for a few minutes with my eyes closed. All of a sudden, I had a vivid hallucination that was so tactile and so vivid. I felt like something was crawling into bed and it laid on top of me. I tried to wiggle away from it and get free but I just couldn't. It was so vivid, I heard something whispering in my ear and it was the most intense sense of danger like I was about to be dragged to hell. I woke up in a daze and I called my husband who calmed me down. Only then was I able to fall back asleep.
—Guest Dina

Sleep paralysis

I have sleep paralysis once every couple of months. Had one last night in fact where I appeared to be actually dreaming (I am usually aware of being semi-conscious), I sometimes manage to tap (at least I think I am) my partner with my hand, but it's enough to wake him and then he wakes me. Other times I just manage to wake up, either way, it's a relief when I do. I've not often had the scary, evil presence feeling though. I just feel like I'm too heavy to move.
—Guest Sarah


in my sleep i can't move and shout during past 10 years pls give solution
—Guest ss

Relax about it

I've been getting sp for years. At first it used to freak me out but now I can almost bring it on for fun! When I first started to get it I would have a vibrating sound in my ears & the only thing I could move were my eyes & mouth. You try to snap out and this makes it worse. Once you relax into it it fades off or you just fall asleep. I suggest concentrating on your breathing and just stay calm. I opened my eyes once and saw things I cannot fathom! So I keep them shut. Now I can feel it coming on, especially if I've had a hectic w/end and didnt sleep well. When it comes on now I sort of play with it. I know I have it because I pretend to roll out of bed and when I don't hit the floor & I can fly around my room then I have some fun (until I fall asleep). There is always a presence in the room and it can actually be quite erotic. This morning I had it 3 times and each time I thought my fiance had been in to check on me. When I woke I asked him & he said he hadn't! Dont worry
—Guest Tartar


I suffered these symptoms a few years ago. I was scared stiff to fall asleep and was desperate to find a cure. I realised that it nearly always happened if I had taken an afternoon nap that day,I also realised that when I was coming out of it , it was as if the demons etc melted before my eyes, then I realised that my eyes were perceiving things to be there before I was fully awake so I tried this trick, I tied something black or dark coloured around my eyes as I went asleep and I can honestly say I have never had one since, I stopped having to do this after a while and then I think because I stopped anticipating it the episodes stopped. It was undoubtedly linked to stress I was very anxious and stressed in my life at the time. I think being physically tired before bed time helps too.
—Guest Joan

Sleep paralysis.

Unfortunately, I have sleep paralysis often. Something in a half dream half wake state is holding me down or an evil is coming at me. I try to move in an attempt to wake myself out of it, but I can't. I can't scream or sit up to end the terrifying feeling. Finally, after a long period of time, I snap to it and wake. When I get it, it will recur every time I fall back to sleep. I'm afraid to go back to sleep, the experience is so horrible. I just read here that it may be because of sleeping on my back and because of my dog and cat pinning my body with their snuggling. I'll try to get back to sleep on my side. G-d, I hope it works.
—Guest pwalmd

Stress related

I'm a 48 year old female who suffered from sleep paralysis for years. I only recently found out what I was suffering from by researching it myself. I too suffered from this phenomenon at least once a week; it terrified me! I thought I was being surrounded by evil demons who were paralyzing me, strangling me, and making me fear for my life. I had no idea why I was having these sessions, and never knew when they would occur. After I left my high stress job, the paralysis slowly went away. I haven't had anymore sysmptoms now for years. I do believe that it was stress related since I have had the same job since I was in my twentys, and now have retired. So, if you suffer from this phenomenon, please realize that it maybe due to any stressors that are affecting your life.
—Guest MMH

Sleep Paralysis

I started having sleep paralysis around the time I was diagnose with social anxiety disorder. Its been 3 years from the time I was 17 and found myself unable to move or speak in the middle of the night. The best way I can describe my first experience is that the figure I saw floating over me that night looked a lot like the dementors from the Harry Potter series. It's odd because it was way before I started watching or reading Harry Potter. In the book they describe the presences of demetors to be as if all the happiness have left the world and they force you to relive your worst memories. I couldn't help but wonder if the author of HP also has had sleep paralysis because the manner they are describe is very similar to how I saw and felt it. Anyways, it seems I have a SP episode ever time my head hits the pillow. It doesn't matter what way I sleep, I have it. I'm starting to get use to it, but sometimes they are just so horrible and the feeling of it lingers on for days.
—Guest Bibiz

Relax guys

I used to get this all the time, and rest assured, no matter how evil or scary the experience seems, it is NOT paranormal. You're mind is in a dream state while your conscious which causes your mind to freak a little bit causing some extremely uncomfortable sensations and hallucinations. In my own experiences, I would get a rush of terror and certain shapely objects in my room I would perceive as beings, demonic or otherwise. However, over the years I've come to learn that these are all products of my mind under these conditions. Remember, there is nothing to fear but fear itself, and fear is essentially the theme of these episodes. Nowadays, I get them more rarely, and when I do, I find them nothing more than interesting.
—Guest Austin

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Discover How Others May Experience the Phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis

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