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Readers Respond: Top Reasons Why You Feel Sleepy

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Updated July 10, 2011

From the article: Reasons Why You Feel Sleepy
If you find yourself experiencing excessive sleepiness during the day, you might want to reflect on this. What are the reasons why you feel sleepy? What causes you to feel drowsy or fatigued? There can be many possible reasons including inadequate rest, sleep apnea, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even less common disorders such as narcolepsy. Share yours.

i feel sleepy

I feel sleepy but wen i shut my eyes, thoughts keep on pouring in. In the end i dont get proper sleep. Please help
—Guest putirani

Feel sleepy Everytime

Even after taking 10hrs sleep in the night.. when I wake up took bath then again my eyes fall down for sleep.. Y it is so.. Though m not doing any laborious work.. I feel sleepy even at 11am or 12am. My age is 30yr.. plz help me..
—Guest Deepika Ahuja

Why I get much sleepy at day time

I had much sleepy between 10am 3pm due to this I cannot perform, my office work in efficient manner , I am taking vantaline Inhaler for Wheezing , Please Advice me why I causing sleepy at day time. please help me
—Guest Uma


I was lastly suffering from OCD i am feeling fit now but whenever i start reading i feel sleepy,what does it mean?
—Guest Amit

feeling sleepy & difficult to wake up

only 26 years old but i am always feeling sleepy & its very difficult for me to wake up early morning.if i will give alarm,i cant hear,if i can hear in that time i will try to off alarm at any cost,i felt that time something is disturbing in that time.i dont have any sence that time what i am doing,onle is sleep is important.so please help me.
—Guest ashish kumar sahoo

I need some advice

Hi ,i feel sleepy when i done my work even not so hard work i have i sleep nyt time is 11/12 to. 6am. And when im alone i sleep again coz i dont have any job to do i want to watch and made myself bz bt i still feel sleepy im 37 yrs.old..
—Guest Babesky


I always feel sleepy. Right from childhood... in the sense, i'm sure its not narcolepsy. I find it really difficult to wake in the mornings even after 10 - 12 hrs of sleep. Waking up early in the mornings is never in my books and it affects my family life.
—Guest Janshi Krishnan


I went to bed at at 12 on a school night and I woke up at 6:40 I'm so sleepy
—Guest School

when being unactive

when laying down and watching tv or in class sitting or sitting in a car I tend to fall asleep unless I am reading or watching a show I like or just moving and being active I think its just cus im bored. Am I right?
—Guest lazy

I can't alert in my class

I sleep 6 hours a day but when I was in class I feel very hard sleep and I sleep over there what can I do say something that I don't sleep in class
—Guest satyam ash

tired dull

all people telling i am looking so tired & dull why. How to get active. give me some suggesitions.
—Guest xx

feeling sleepy

daily 09 to 11hrs. too much feeling sleepy pls help me sir
—Guest sachin

Excessive tiredness

I moved into a 3 bedroom home and I have 2 children I stay awake most night from just being nervous since we live alone and I don't feel safe other If I do fall asleep I sleep very light... So during the day I am drosey,excessive tiredness,sleepy, poor memory, problems concentrating, feelings of not being able to focus or function I think I'm sleep deprived if so what can I do to help this problem
—Guest Ms.Carter

I alway sleepy

After I get some medicines ,I always feel so sleepy. That one I see the reason because of drink medicine. But sometime even not drink medicine I also feel sleepy .When I stay in my office alone. And it sometime hard for me cause I cannot sleep but I wanna sleep. So how can I do for this problem?
—Guest Sam On


always am feel sleepy in my office but in the night time i cant sleep earlier what can i do for this problem give me some suggestions
—Guest amala

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