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Readers Respond: Top Reasons Why You Feel Sleepy

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Updated July 10, 2011

From the article: Reasons Why You Feel Sleepy
If you find yourself experiencing excessive sleepiness during the day, you might want to reflect on this. What are the reasons why you feel sleepy? What causes you to feel drowsy or fatigued? There can be many possible reasons including inadequate rest, sleep apnea, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even less common disorders such as narcolepsy. Share yours. Share Your Reason


I always feel sleepy. Right from childhood... in the sense, i'm sure its not narcolepsy. I find it really difficult to wake in the mornings even after 10 - 12 hrs of sleep. Waking up early in the mornings is never in my books and it affects my family life.
—Guest Janshi Krishnan


I went to bed at at 12 on a school night and I woke up at 6:40 I'm so sleepy
—Guest School

when being unactive

when laying down and watching tv or in class sitting or sitting in a car I tend to fall asleep unless I am reading or watching a show I like or just moving and being active I think its just cus im bored. Am I right?
—Guest lazy

I can't alert in my class

I sleep 6 hours a day but when I was in class I feel very hard sleep and I sleep over there what can I do say something that I don't sleep in class
—Guest satyam ash

tired dull

all people telling i am looking so tired & dull why. How to get active. give me some suggesitions.
—Guest xx

feeling sleepy

daily 09 to 11hrs. too much feeling sleepy pls help me sir
—Guest sachin

Feeling sleepy always

sleepingt from 10:30 to 6 every day. But feel sleepy always. feel very tied, thirsty ect. can i know the reasons any diet, precautions ect., 29 years male and also I am getting pain in below the cheast (ribes), pls let me know this is something heart problem
—Guest Venkat

I always feel sleepy in office or home

I cn't sit on my chair in office or at home for more than 5 mins if i am not speaking to someone,I do sleep in middle of meeting,Its quite embarrasing,May loose my job if i found sleeping in front of my maad
—Guest Ashish zrivasts

Sleepy and scare

Ihave sleep apnea and a machine at home . but in the morning always sleepy and tired And when i watch a tv i sleepy all the time ..but is scary i fell mt face numb.my chi . my gums . i think is stroke i scareeeee this are new symtoms..help me pleaseeee
—Guest alegria loor gomez

Found my cause

I used to struggle with sleepiness after eating. Finally I found the cause to be food intolerances. After cutting out wheat, soy, shellfish.. it got resolved completely. I now feel like a normal person! If someone tells you that feeling very drowsy after lunch is normal, please know that its BS! If that were true, you would see everybody around you dozing off!
—Guest Indianguy

Why I Feel Sleepy

Probably because I've been in solitude since 2011 and I have absolutely no one or nothing to wake up for. This world has nothing for me. Absolutely nothing. And you know what? Absolutely no one in this world cares. So there. PEACE, LOVE, AND HAVE FUN B. :-)
—Guest Bobbi Ysmael

Feeling always sleepy

sleepingt from 11 to 6 every day. But feel sleepy always. i can't get up in the morning only by keeping alarms i get up. feel very tied, thirsty ect. can i know the reasons any diet, precautions ect., 334 years female.
—Guest Nafeesa


i don't know why i am tied so much lately? i go to bed early every night. like around 6 or 7. and still feel tied in the morning. and in class i tend to go to sleep. i dont whats wrong? im 15, and a male?
—Guest carl

any suggestions

It's weird when I'm working I feel fine once I get back in the car and my boss drive's away I feel tired I start nodding out trying my hardest to stay awake and its all the time even at home I have this problem any suggestions please I'm kinda a hypochondriac does this sound serious?
—Guest Ray Patricelli


I also feel alwas sleepy, this is detrimental to my office work. please tell me what to do, I think sometimes it is lack of sleep. I sleep only 6 hours in the night, is it enough?
—Guest praneetha

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Top Reasons Why You Feel Sleepy

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