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How to Use Sleep Apps

From Alarm Clocks to Sound Machines, Programs May Improve Your Sleep


Updated February 20, 2014

The saying goes that there isn't much new under the sun. However, you may not believe that if you explore the various applications, or apps, pertaining to sleep available for smart phones and tablet computers like Apple's iPad.

There are thousands of applications, or apps, available for download to a variety of devices. If downloaded to your phone, you can have these apps on hand whenever you need them. Apps can serve astounding, varied, and impressive purposes, and many are designed by entrepreneurial software designers. It is relatively surprising how many relate to sleep.

There are a variety of alarm clocks as well as sound machines that are meant to produce sleep-inducing background noise such as calming streams, rainstorms, or crickets chirping. There are apps designed to serve as sleep diaries to log your hours of slumber. If you are seeking dream interpretation, hypnosis, and various attempts at sleep analysis, your cup will runneth over.

Many of these apps seem to be of most benefit for entertainment purposes but there are also a few that may directly improve your sleep. Most importantly, having an app around might prompt you to place a special importance on your sleep. This may be all you need to sleep a little better.

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