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What is My Sleep Number?


Updated March 21, 2013

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What is My Sleep Number?
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Question: What is My Sleep Number?
You have likely seen the Select Comfort mattress advertisements, but what is your sleep number?

The sleep number is a setting on Select Comfort mattresses that is meant to maximize your comfort and help you to sleep better. It allows you to personalize the firmness or softness of your side of the mattress, making it easier for couples to sleep together. An online calculator can help determine your sleep number by following a few simple steps.

The sleep number is determined based on your sex, height, weight, and other factors. It includes your favorite sleeping position (side, back, stomach, or combination) and sleep surface preference (soft, medium, firm, or extra firm). The online calculator also assesses the quality of your sleep, including whether you are restless at night or tired during the day. Restlessness may also suggest a problem such as insomnia and sleepiness could represent a sleep disorder. The calculator also questions whether you feel pressure on your shoulder or your hip, suggesting an incompatibility with your mattress.

Selected comfort may not be inexpensive, it seems, with mattress prices advertised on their website ranging from $999.98 to $4,499.98, at the time of this writing. The company suggests that the best way to learn your sleep number may be to visit one of the Select Comfort stores and try one of their beds in person. This might also be useful to decide if these specialized mattresses are truly what you need to sleep better.

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