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Should Pets Share Your Bed?


Updated March 01, 2013

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Should Pets Share Your Bed?
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Question: Should Pets Share Your Bed?

Many of us wouldn't sleep a wink without a beloved pet cozying up next to us, but is this bad for our sleep?

This question is best addressed on an individual basis. If you sleep well and wake up refreshed, it may not matter who or what sleeps in bed with you. However, if you are not sleeping well, it may be an issue that should be addressed as part of an assessment of your sleep hygiene.

Some may argue that sleep may be less disrupted without an animal in our bed moving about at night. Certainly there is also a risk of allergies to pet dander, which might make nighttime breathing more difficult. However, the pet may be a calming presence and part of a bedtime routine that may be well tolerated.

If you aren't sleeping well, especially if you have insomnia, it may be time to give that favored pet another look -- and maybe find another place for them to sleep.

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