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Brandon Peters, M.D.

Getting Up at Night Frequently to Urinate May Represent Nocturia

By December 30, 2011

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In a condition that is more common as we get older, especially in men, getting up to pee during the night may plague your sleep. It is characterized by frequent awakenings due to a need urinate, but what is nocturia? What are some of the common causes?

In our youth, our bodies are able to concentrate our urine and allow us to sleep uninterrupted. However, this mechanism begins to become less effective as we get older for various reasons. For example, our kidneys may not be able to concentrate our urine as much as they could previously. In addition, older men often have benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which can lead to an inability to fully empty the bladder and more frequent trips to the bathroom, even at night. Aging may not be the only issue, however.

In fact, simply drinking too much water too close to bed may lead to nocturia. Alcohol and caffeine use may also contribute. Various medications may also have a role. There are also other causes of nocturia, including a possible contribution of obstructive sleep apnea.

If frequently getting up to go to pee is disturbing your sleep, take a careful look at some of the possible reversible causes and speak with your doctor if you desire further evaluation.

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